Every Man Is an Artist

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Have you ever listen to the chanson if you go away by Patricia Kass? Itís a little bit sad, firm and elegant. Itís a beautiful song, isnít it? There are hundreds of songs beautiful like this, such as Nothingís Gonna Change My Love for You, an Old Style Love Song. Thereíre at least five superstars sing it, from George Benson to Westlife. Another classic is Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, which is my favorite. Iíve been enjoying it for more than ten years. And the Fall Again must be one of Kenny Gís top songs or Michael Jacksonís most different feelings. Old songs survive from time and last forever. You get drunk when you listen to these beautiful melodies. Thatís why music is called an art.

Every man is a singer. It is said that every man could be an artist in one thing if he is dedicated enough. If you listen to a song for more than 100 times, you can sing it. At least youíre aware of whether itís your type or not. The same as movies. Iíve been watching and collecting more than 100 good movies. Thatís one of the most amazing things in this world. Deep in the night, sitting alone in the couch in your big quiet house, with tea and cigarettes, you revel in a movie or songs you like. You canít be more relaxed. Thatís one manís peace.

Well, I must say movies and music drive me crazy. Itís definitely amazing. I love them. But one thing I love far more is doing my hobby. When youíre crazy about something and meantime it is proved that you have the ability to do it well, you will be emotional. Standing between ideal and reality, you easily lose control. Itís hard times. The moment youíre born, you jump into this big dirty river and canít go back. Society has its rules. Obey it or betray it. Itís easy to choose but hard to play. You donít know the answer of life. But you do know the meaning of why you live. Sometimes dream is just an untouchable goal, you want it, you pursue it, and thatís the way life goes on.

I bought my girl a pair of Tory Burch shoes. She loves me more.

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