Events Where You Could Use a Fun Photo Booth

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Photo booths, once viewed primarily as a vacation-time novelty, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity lately. But photo booths are no longer relegated to boardwalks and arcades; instead, they're becoming an increasingly prominent fixture at social events, ranging from birthday parties and bar mitzvahs to weddings and corporate events.

Companies now rent full-scale photo booths for all kinds of special events, and they make for a great way to get the fun started and provide your guests with memorable, high-quality party favors. Most companies rent the booths based on multi-hour rates, and many even offer discounts for multi-day events.

As opposed to traditional photos, photo booths offer an air of fun and excitement. They seem to encourage frivolity and lightheartedness, with guests letting loose and being their true selves, making goofy faces and clearly having a great time. This is in stark contrast to the stuffy posed group shots usually taken at such events. What better way for you and your guests to have memorable keepsakes of an event? They allow everybody's personality to shine through.


Weddings are probably the number one event for photo booths, and many of the rental companies can provide you with a variety of ways to incorporate the booth into the day's festivities. The booth is brought to the reception by the company (who will usually provide you with the option of booth attendants as well) and positioned in an area where it can be easily accessed by all the guests. In addition to creating their own memento of the special day, guests can also leave copies of all their photos for the bride and groom, providing them with a great, fun record of the celebration.

Since weddings are among the most popular events when it comes to photo booths, many rental companies offer extras for just this kind of event. This can include customized booth decor, in order to match the tone of the reception. It can also include features like a video monitor affixed to the outside of the booth, allowing guests to watch the fun inside, a photo CD containing all the day's pictures to be presented to the newlyweds, and web hosting of all photos so that the wedding guests can view everything from the day. Another great wedding extra is a physical scrapbook, allowing guests to paste their photos inside as a gift for the bride and groom.

Corporate Events

For occasions such as corporate events, where all of the attendees aren't familiar with each other as they would at weddings or other celebrations, a photo booth can serve an additional important service-as an ice breaker. A photo booth at an event stirs up excitement and even camaraderie among the guests. The photo booth antics that tend to ensue are a great way for everybody to get to know each other and get into a good, positive frame of mind. And once again, everyone leaves with a nice memento.

On top of the ice-breaking benefits of photo-booths, some rental companies have developed additional features to enhance a corporate event. "Green screen" technology can allow your guests to pose in front of any background, including one emblazoned with your corporate logo or additional artwork you've selected to commemorate the particular event. It's a cool way to give your guests something fun while also carrying out some important branding.

Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and More

One of the best things about photo booths, as opposed to many other kinds of entertainment employed at social gatherings, is that photo booths tend to have a broad, universal appeal. Young and old, men and women-everybody can have a great time with a photo booth.

Along with some of the extras mentioned for the above events, you might be able to find a company that offers some of the following: personalized banners, wide lenses capable of taking larger group photos, personalized photo strips, and a variety of photo-tone options such as sepia or black-and-white pictures.

The list of events is potentially endless: proms, anniversary parties, dances, graduations, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and more. Basically, any event where you want to make sure all of your guests are smiling is a good event for a fun photo booth.For an photo booth rental los angeles try Hollywood Photo Booth. For old-school photobooth rental la with a modern twist. Your guests will go home with professional, high-resolution color or B/W photos and you will be amazed by the unique and artful moments that Hollywood Photo Booth can capture: sometimes weird, sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, but always uninhibited. The possibilities are endless. No event is complete without it!

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