Events and Conference Lighting Tips

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"Do you really have to make a stage production out of it?" This is a colloquial concept and is its recognized meaning is "dramatic, elaborate and visually stunning." Abet, it is usually used in the sense of the unnecessary application of this to a personal expression. However, if you are a summer stock player or the director of a local theatre company, it is the very essence of your craft. In fact, it happens that your job is to create the most dramatic, elaborate and visually stunning stage design you can. This is also true for events and conference lighting and effects. Selling anything is hard; selling to an audience of salespersons is a challenge at best.

Making First Impressions

First impressions are the most important in any situation including conferences, meetings and other important occasions. When it comes to the big annual conference or sales event, a dull performance can dramatically affect sales for the worse. People need motivation and there is nothing like a dramatic show to bring the message home.

Lighting is the secret to that effect on a first impression. Nothing affects people more than the properly placed and designed lighting effect that comes in at just the right moment. Done right, a polite applause can quickly become a rousing, standing ovation. Therefore, what are the secrets to great lighting?

The first is to collaborate with an experienced and competent lighting and technical events company. Without this consultation on the equipment, you will need to tend to the job, but your efforts might just end up in vain. The details of which type of bulb to use in which projector, how to create the effect you are hoping for ad others are the most important aspects. If the light is off just a little, too bright or the wrong shade of blue for the stage fixtures, you are finished and the first impression is gone. While these are only basics, events are not static, and neither should your lighting design be.

A Few Tips

Whether you are on stage in a play or giving the best of presentations, there will be a script that times with your production and that needs to be just as well done as your event is. If you fail to consider the lighting, you might never know why the big announcement fell on a silent crowd.

Timing is a key element in lighting, as knowing when to shift from soft, blue lighting to hard, gold toned can make or break a big introduction or the appearance of a new product. Even more complex are the tone and colour values. We all remember looking at a red object through red glasses and the effect. Knowing how different colours interact is as important as the timing to a successful event production.

Movement and transition are other key elements; should the spot appear suddenly, or come in from the far corner of the audience? Lighting is not something you can pick up from a book in a fortnight's cram session. However, once you have taken the time to learn what's involved you should be better equipped to choose and interact with a professional consultancy to create the most dramatic, elaborate and visually stunning event ever.

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