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Many events are held at night or indoors where the natural lighting is not sufficient. Such events need the assistance of good lighting so that the audience can see what is going on and appreciate it, but often lighting is an integral part of the
event production itself. This kind of lighting must be provided by specialists who know what they are doing to get the best effect.

Lighting hire is a necessary part of event production, so should not be seen as an extra cost, but rather something that will enhance the event and help get the message across to the intended audience.

Exhibition lighting not only lights up the exhibition but the right kind of lighting makes it much more attractive, catching attention and drawing the public's eye to the more important sections. You can use coloured lighting to feature a particular product on your stand and make it stand out from the competition. Depending only on the hall lights is a big mistake since you don't know for sure what other exhibitions will be doing with it. They could be using drapes to enhance their own exhibition and these could well leave your display in semi- darkness.

Exhibition lights can be used to make your stand welcoming and point subtly to areas you want to highlight such as seating or further information. You need to make sure that your lighting does not glare directly into people's eyes or they will hurry on past your display.

Spotlights, downlights and uplights can all be used to good effect in an exhibition or an event. These will attract attention and create an exhibit that is extremely attractive and welcoming. You can use it to create a display that is three dimensional. You may want to have some areas of shadow where you can keep your promotional products perhaps and highlight other areas such as your products that you really want prospective customers to notice.

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