Even Small Home-Based Business Can Benefit From Unique Phone Numbers

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If you are launching a small home-based business, there are cheap 1300 numbers that can make your company seem larger than life. It does not matter if you are working from behind a small desk in your kitchen. As long as you have a phone that this number can piggyback on, then you are all set to go and do business with the big boys. The main reason why this number works is because it helps conceal both the size and location of your business. Aside from this, a 1300 number is affordable, especially if you are serving a specific area.

Numbers that improve professionalism

When you direct your mobile phone to a 1300 number, you give others the impression that you are a large corporation rather than a person holding a mobile. Having this number also encourages customers to pick up the phone and call you. On a psychological level, most Australians are hesitant to call a landline or mobile phone number. This is because these numbers are hard to remember and make your business seem like an amateur or fly-by-night operation.

Call Costs

Unlike 1800 numbers, calls that are made to a 1300 number are split between the receiving party (the business) and the caller (client). When calling from a landline, the client pays the cost of a local call (which is around 30 cents). If they happen to call you from a mobile phone, the call cost is then determined by their mobile carrier. From the business end of things, you will pay a monthly fee for the use of the number (starting at around $50). After that, pricing tends to get complex as Telco companies will charge different plans and rates.

A typical scenario

The first 20 minutes are free for calls made from a local landline to your landline. After which, a per-minute charge will apply. This makes it affordable if most of your customers are local. For calls made from a mobile or long-distance landline, the free minutes do not apply. Instead, you are charged a per-minute fee that is similar to 1800 numbers. For calls that are routed to your mobile phone, the costs are also the same as calling an 1800 number. There might also be a minimum charge for calls that are made from landline or mobile phone.

If you want an effective marketing tool that can put your company out there, why not invest in cheap 1300 numbers? With a number like this, you get great flexibility, no matter how big or small your business may be.


James Knight has a marketing background and writes useful information for businesses. To find out more about how Cheap 1300 Numbers can benefit your business, see lists of double and triple digit easy to remember 1300 numbers and phone words

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