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Media is among the most thriving industries in the United States of America, as far as employment is concerned. The continuous growth of the industry over the years has created employment opportunities for billions of young and enthusiastic people. In the past, the role of media in USA was limited to within newspapers and journals, but with the course of time, it has spread its wings in different mediums. At one point of time, news, articles and photographs published in dailies and weekly newspapers were prime source of entertainment for the people, but today there are several other options.

After newspaper, the next modern form of media and entertainment was radio. With its wide variety of programmes and news bulletins, it soon turned into the best source of entertainment for people. But it was television that completely changed the definition of media and entertainment business . Since its introduction, television successfully captured the spot that earlier belonged to the print media. Today TV is undoubtedly is the most dominant force in the media industry, not only in USA but in all corners of the world. The TV channels offering news coverage and entertainment-based programmes have completely changed the definition of media coverage. In USA too, the news channels that keep on updating people about things that are going across the world enjoy highest TRP as their attractive presentation and in-depth coverage prompt viewers to stick to the TV screen.

Though FM radio stations have succeeded in earning some popularity as sources of entertainment, they still have got miles to go to match the popularity level of the TV channels, as far as news coverage are concerned. The dominance of news channels in TV has put a huge question mark on the survival of print media . The state-of the-art infrastructure, most advanced equipments, sound technology and of course group of young, enthusiastic and skilled workers have turned the TV into an indomitable force. People are now getting news about things happening in distant corners of the world much faster than newspapers which is leading to a drastic fall in the readership level of the journals.

That's why young people, who have the desire to establish professional career in the media industry are giving preferences to TV channels over radio and print media. USA, being the headquarter of some of the most popular TV channels of the world, has got a booming media market , which is likely to grow even more in the future. The TV channels in US are among the top employers in the media industry and as they are growing continuously, more job-seekers are likely to get the opportunity to earn their livelihood from here.

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