Essential tips for wildlife photography

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Wildlife photography is dedicated to capture interesting and attractive animals in the action, like fighting, eating, sleeping etc. The techniques which are used in wildlife photography are far more different from the techniques that are used in nature, landscape photography. For example in the wildlife photography wide aperture being used to get the shutter speed, to capture the subject and to blur the background. This kind of photography been usually done with long lenses from a distance, thus we require frequent use of tripod.
Apart from all this, one needs learning, research and practice to become a good wildlife photographer. It hardly matters what type of camera you use. But there are few tips and techniques which would help you to enhance your wildlife photography skills.
Select between shutter speed and aperture
First you need to decide what kind of shot you are going for, so accordingly you can decide between it. But you should be comfortable using both shutter speed and aperture.

Represent the white subject in sunlight
If you capture the bright subject, like swan or goat then you can "cut" the exposure at one stop. Also do not try to operate the camera's meter, as it would also mislead. It is really important to understand the techniques which are required to shoot in bright light.
Decide your subject
Many people like different types of wildlife photography. So you also choose your subject which you would like to photograph. For example: birds, mammals, reptiles, insects etc.
Techniques for working with wildlife
You need to spend some time working with animal behavior so that you would be aware of certain things so that you would get to know the signs in which you can play with them and you can show the mood of the animal. And then you need to be patient and wait for the right time to get the good images. Also there are certain animals which do not abide the human presence at all. So you have to make yourself kind of invisible. Here you can also use a car for capturing them. Also there are many good books available to study the animal behavior.

Practice at wildlife and at zoos
The best way in which one can improve the wildlife photography is to practice at zoo. Obviously we cannot go always on a tour, but you would definitely get a good exposure if you would practice at wildlife parks and at zoo. So here you would explore good natural settings for your practice.
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