Essential Tips For A Beautiful You

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Essential Tips For A Beautiful You
Everyday tips for the maintenance of your hair, skin and body

By Aileen Lane | Reprinted with permission from Ezyhealth & Beauty magazine

MANY women believe that having a wardrobe with the latest season's clothes is sufficient. They feel that walking out the door with a smart outfit, immaculate shoes and the latest designer handbag completes their look. However, being perfectly dressed is just one side of looking great - the other part is being well-groomed and using makeup.

To achieve a great look, equal attention must be dedicated to each of these aspects.

When makeup is used correctly, your skin will look clearer, your dark circles will be less apparent, your eyes will look brighter and your lips more defined.

Taking care of the following areas will help you along the way:

Skin - Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Getting in the habit of cleansing, toning and moisturising every morning and night will remove dirt, excess oil and perspiration. This will reveal your radiant skin underneath - a perfect canvas to start applying your colours.

• Body - With the hot climate, it's a great idea to get into the habit of showering regularly. Always put on deodorant.

Hair - Your hair should always be maintained by a regular trim every four to six weeks. If you colour or highlight your hair, ensure your roots are always touched up.

• Nails - They should always be neatly filed and cleaned, including what's under them. If you always wear open-toed shoes, always indulge in regular pedicures.

• Teeth - Brush your teeth twice a day and floss nightly. Carrying mints in your handbag is essential if you smoke or drink coffee.

Aileen Lane is the Lead Consultant/Director of Nutri-Style Nutrition and Image Consultants. For queries, go to or email

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