Essential Skills To Look For In An English To French Translator

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With globalisation, businesses located in different parts of the world are transacting with each other daily. This has created a demand for efficient translation services. If you are one of those looking to hire a translating company, especially for English to French translation, then look for the following qualities in the translator.

Professional English-French translation requires technical, legal and financial data to be translated in the target language. So, when you set out to hire a translation company, these are the things you should look for.

Does the company have native translators?

This is an essential requirement, as the translator must have native skills in the target language. So, a person translating an English document into French will do much better if he is a French native, and vice versa. This is because, while reference points only give standard directives, there is a lot of difference, when it comes to practical applications of the language. Now, French is spoken in different parts of the world, and each form of the language is different. In other words the business terminology that may be feasible for Canadian French may not work in France. This is why if the translating company has translators from the geographic area, then they can do a much better and faster job of translating your documents.

The Translators Working On Your Case Must be Proficient In The Source Language Too-

If the company you have hired to translate your documents has native translators working on your English to French translation, then make sure that the translator has a firm grip on the source knowledge too. The translator, must be educated, trained and skilled enough to understand the source material in English completely. It is quite possible that any lack of comprehension may lead to a major translation error. He may also do a literal translation, in which case the meaning of the sentence may be lost.

Do The Translators Have Any Knowledge Of The Subject Matter?

Knowing the subject matter is an essential requirement for any professional translation. If your English to French translator knows the grammar but does not know the subject at hand, the entire meaning of the document might change. This is even more important for legal translations as the legal jargon varies according to different countries. For technical translators, it is recommended to ensure that the translating company assigns a translator to your case, who has relevant technical qualifications. For instance, for translating computer user manuals, from English to French, your best bet would be a translator who is a native French, and holds a Degree/Diploma in Information Technology.

What Is The Professional Experience Of The Company And What About It's References?

Make sure that the company you hire is a trusted and established name in the field. They must be prepared with testimonials and a list of the satisfied clients, when you approach them. The experience is a requirement for the translator too. An English speaking French resident is not qualified to take on the translation of critical documents, just because they have a degree in communications/language. They must have had a hands on experience of translating, only then can you rest assured that your documents are in good hands.

Follow these points mentioned in the check list above, when you are looking for a service to undertake translation from English to French Translation of the documents is as critical as preparing them, so do not let your entire effort go waste by hiring the wrong translation services.

The writer is associated with Translink Group, one of the leading translation services, operating at a global platform. Their team consists of highly trained translators, proficient in all languages including, French, German English Translator who is the best suited as per the clients' requirements is assigned by the company to that client, as a permanent practice.

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