Erbium laser demonstrated a different technique used to resurface the skin

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Erbium laser demonstrated a different technique used to resurface the skin. Time and the sun causes aging and photo-aging. Skin loses its bright appearance and become dull. Brown spots and age spots and sunspots appear. The development of fine lines, and eventually progress into the deeper lines. Smoking reduces the oxygen flow to the skin and facilitate the process. Over the years, people looked to rejuvenate your skin and bring back your youthful look.

In the past this has been done successfully with chemical peels, dermabrasion, and then with carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. Now, the erbium laser treatment offers a significant advantage. Lasers have been used to treat various skin diseases over the past few decades. The intense beam of light vaporizes thin layers of skin to control a smooth and youthful look. The surgeon can adjust and individualize treatment for each patient to address each area separately to create a facial for optimal results. Recent innovation has allowed doctors to evaporate the thinner and thinner layers of tissue. Erb remove the thinnest layer of tissue is possible. In addition, the minimal heat production, so skin stays pink for a short period of time. Erbium laser removes thin layers of tissue than the carbon dioxide laser, and also leads to less heat, or thermal damage. This allows much faster recovery. The patient can return to wearing makeup in less than one week and the skin will remain pink only 1-3 weeks. Thus, the overall recovery time is much shorter.

This laser can also be used to treat the skin on the chest and arms to remove brown spots and sun damage there. Thermal reduction is made, the darker skin types may also be stored safely. Finally, Erb can do only under local anesthesia. The skin is treated with EMLA cream is called to numb the area. No intravenous sedation or injections needed. However, if the patient wants it, it can be done with some mild anesthesia. Erbium Laser Treatment focuses on removing facial lines, superficial acne scars and irregular pigmentation. Lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead can be treated. Depending on the type and severity of lines with Botox and / or collagen or fat injections, together with your laser eye surgery can give you the best results. Acne and surgical scars can also achieve a significant improvement in the erbium laser repairing. Deep lines and severe scarring may be better treated with carbon dioxide laser. We will discuss your individual face to determine which treatment is best for you and your lifestyle. Pre-treatment with topical and oral medications are necessary. Strict sun avoidance is essential to help prevent hyperpigmentation. The site may be used to assess the person's reaction before treating the entire area.

After treatment the redness, swelling and slow for 2-5 days. Pain will be provided if necessary. Meticulous wound care will follow. Make-up is usually 3-6 days after treatment. Healing is about a week, but persistent redness may be considered after several weeks of treatment. Treatment of chest and arm skin tends to stay longer pink, sometimes up to several months. Detailed instructions on pre-operative and post-operative care included. As with any procedure, risks are associated with this procedure. However, they are very rare. This includes, but is not limited to, infection, pigmentation changes, scarring and prolonged redness. Although the skin condition will improve with treatment, after touch-up may be necessary, especially with deeper lesions.

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