Environmental hotel: A fight against Global warming

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We all are well aware about the adverse effect of global warming on the mother Earth and also know that it will continue for centuries if something really appreciable is not applied against it. Not only that global warming and other issues like imbalanced ecology, disturbed food chain and so on are more or less co-related with each other. One's consequence is the cause of another problem which gradually ends up making a chain reaction of troubles.

Moreover, we all know that one of the biggest step to all such problems is to promote as much as greenery possible on Earth and conserve as much as energy we can. And to uproot this problem simple plantation campaign is not going to help. We actually need to start thinking green. All the sectors like hospitality, government sectors should adopt a meaningful and positive step to turn into green.

And one of the most appreciable and advantageous step towards conserving the environment is the "Environmental hotels" or the Green Hotels". These hotels are meant for recreating and refreshing the visitors and also maintaining the ecological balance and saving the greenery. Infact the features of the environmental hotels are the solution for global warming, imbalanced ecology and so on.

Sustainable solutions and environmental tips for green Hotels:
There are immense ways and tips for hotels to conserve energy and become environmentally responsible such as energy conservation system application, recycling waste products etc. Some of these Sustainable solutions and environmental tips are mentioned below:-
• Start planting an organic garden to supply fresh produce to their guest.
• Planting those plants which consume less water.
• Start installing sink aerators and low-flow showerheads.
• Start using towels and sheets made from linen instead of thousands of napkins.
• Start using compact fluorescent lights and timers or sensors in them for less frequently used areas.
• Start using a compost bin for leftover food or simply give it to a local nonprofit organization.
• Start buying guest amenities and food in bulk.

Participation in Green Programs:
Participating in a green program and executing the sufficient green actions is more important rather than just becoming a member of green association. Just by getting involved in a certification program does not guarantee as much green action as performed by the program. And the environment would become territory for tranquility and peace which would be free from pollution and global warming.

Eventually we can say that becoming green actually means acting green as in to make greenery a part of daily life common activities. The positive revolution of these environmental hotels in the field hospitality sector is for sure going to change our environmental condition a far more better than what it is today.

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