Environmental Awareness and Responsibilities

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To live cordially with our environment, be it our immediate neighbors or our fellow citizens of the world, we should not only be aware of the cost of our actions. We should also be accountable for them. Our surroundings impact us in many ways: what we put on ourselves; what we eat; and the quality of our water, air and living space. The Environmental conditions have never been so harmful to our health, when there are better choices available.

This century is a trying time of extraordinary challenges and changes. We have seen and experienced vast changes in the global economic system. Yet some who live in wealthy countries are only vaguely aware of these changes. How many of us realize, for example, that the economic crisis in some countries has more than doubled the number of people in those countries living in poverty? As a result, we hear of children who are malnourished and will grow up with health problems, with pathetic conditions. Being aware of our environmental activities, at the same time taking responsibility for our actions, could have a far-reaching effect starting from our own backyard to our global system.

SEARO is committed to the global organization-wide mission to enable its Member States to practice data-based strategies in order to diminish morbidity, health risks, and mortality along the life course, endorse health and development of newborns, infants and children, and create means to determine the impact of those strategies. They aim to assist Member States in reducing environment health issues and the child and infant mortality rate by 2/3 by the year 2015 in agreement with the Millennium Development Goals set in the Millennium Declaration.

Their vision is that of a world in which children enjoy the highest achievable standard of development and health, a world that meets their needs, and protects, respects, and fulfils their rights, allowing them to live to their full potential. They assist in providing information a cleaner and safer Children's Environment Health or about environmental health issues.

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