Entertainment Games for Children Party

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In this article you can find some funny children party games.

Generally in the parties children and teen try to act cool at the same time they will be very nervous. This situation occurs since the children are not familiar with many people attending the party.

An ice-breaker will really work in this situation.

When it comes to kids party games a real ice breaker would be the "The Name Game" which can be played at the beginning of the party.

By playing this game the children's feel relaxed and they start to enjoy the party. To play this game you need to write the name of each guest on a card before the party. Color the letters and cut them. Then in another strip of card attach the sticky back Velcro at the back.

At last prepare a chart with all the children names and pin it to a wall. Scatter the letters all over the room and ask the children to hunt for the letters that forms their name. Once they have found they have found them ask the children to stick it to the Velcro card to make their own name badge. Now everyone will get to know each other's name and the ice will have been broken.

Another game that can be used as an ice-breaker is to ask the children to hunt for the stars. Buy some differently colored stars and hide those stars around the room before anyone arrives for the party. Ask the children to collect to as many pairs of stars of the same colors. The child with the highest pairs will win the game.

When it comes to older children in the party a nice game will give a good finish. Chinese drawing will be the best one.

This game is equivalent to Chinese wallpaper.

Ask the younger children to site in a long line. Apart from the sitting children ask one child to draw an image in a paper and ask him/her to show it to the last child in the line.

Then ask that child to draw the same image on the back of the child sitting in front of him with the help of fingers.

This is continued until the image reaches the first person in the line. The person who received the image last will draw that image in a piece of paper.

Then you can compare image drawn by the first and last person the variation in the images is likely to be a source of great fun and laughter.

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