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Television is one of the biggest avenues that influences man's way of thinking. At this point there are many reasons why people would think that being thin is pretty and why being rich makes man happy. There are many dramas around in the entertainment business that real life becomes locked up in the box. At this point it has captured much attention and people at times seem frustrated once they cannot seem to meet the make-believe world flashed in front of their eyes by actors and actresses. With the advent of Reality Television however everything changes.

The term "reality television" actually became more familiar to people as it pertains to show that features ordinary people instead of actors. Although such shows existed long ago, it was only during 2000 that the term was actually used. There are shows which are not included to this call such as news and sports programs.

This program follows a wide range of formats from game quiz shows to surveillance production shows. These shows was said to be "real-life-dramas" that many viewers have grown engrossed in watching these them. After many got hooked with programs that sort of make most people search for something material, reality programs have gotten them realize that this is the real world and there are many things that may happen. We may not like it but this is real and we must learn from these experiences.

The first reality show, and was called the granddaddy of reality television, was Candid Camera by Allen Funt. This was based on his 1974 radio show Candid Microphone which broadcast unsuspecting ordinary people react to certain pranks played on them by the production. Sensations such as this continued as it evolved to quiz shows, dating games and a beauty pageant named Miss America. Ladies representing each state in the nation competed where the winner achieved national celebrity status.

At present there are dozens of reality shows that has given fame to some of our most well known stars. Most of reality television seems to be more focused on finding talents and further more giving ordinary people a chance to shine. American Idol is now in its 9th season. During their previous shows it has give fame to some of today's greatest music artists. X Factor in Britain and Britain's Got Talent even gave surprising artists that people now look up to. It cannot be denied how people search for something that can get them to success which many do believe is what stardom can give them.

Surveillance type of programs featuring people dealing with daily issues like Big Brother, Survivor and The Biggest Looser are also at the heap of getting people's attention. Viewers then tend to hate and love those involve in these shows where they themselves tend to learn life's lessons.

As people search for more shows that may serve as entertainment and at the same time enlightenment, TV and movie productions think of possible shows that may make people love, laugh and cry. But at this point real life and those who have learned to keep things simple is what we consider lucky in terms of finding the greatest entertainment in the world that can keep them moving and going…their lives….

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