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Lets be honest, one of the first things you do when you move into a new house is set up your TV so no matter how busy you are unpacking, you still do not have to miss your favourite shows. The television is an indispensable part of our home entertainment experience that we probably ca not do without.

What about the other items that make up our much-loved home entertainment systems though. The DVD player, the surround sound, the games console. All of them just would not be quite the same without a good enough TV to go with them, and if you are getting a decent TV, you also want plenty of channels to watch on it. Sounds like you need Satellite TV and at the moment Sky is the main provider of HD programming so it looks like you better go with Sky. After all that decent TV is going to want to show pretty pictures, is not it?

What Do Sky Offer?

Sky TV packages vary in both how much they cost and the jobs that they do. They offer three different TV services as part of the various packages they offer:

Standard Sky Box - This box allows the customer to watch the channels they have requested in standard definition. It acts basically as an add-on to the existing terrestrial channels your TV would already be able to pick up.
Sky Plus Box - This box does everything that the standard box does and so much more. As well as being able to watch more channels, you will also be able to pause and rewind live TV. A particularly invaluable tool if you are desperate for the toilet and you can not wait for the break or if your significant other wont stop yapping in your ear. You will never have to miss a precious moment of Match of the Day ever again. The Sky Plus box also has a hard drive inside which will let you record whatever you want and even effortlessly record entire series.
Sky HD Box (or Sky Plus HD box as it is also known) - The big daddy of the Sky packages range. This does everything that the other two boxes do, but crucially it does it all in razor sharp high definition.

What is The Deal With HD?

Ever wished that you could see your mate in a crowd of 10,000 people sitting inside Wembley stadium. Well you would probably be able to if you are watching in high definition. It is the clearest picture money can buy and is particularly noticeable when watching sport or films or playing computer games. Having HD really does make a huge difference to the overall experience that you can have with your television at home and your home entertainment system in general.

The thing with high definition is, if you have got a HD ready TV, you are basically hurting your TV by keeping it away from HD programming. Its what your TV has been waiting for and it should be what you have been waiting for too. The amount of Sky packages on offer should solve your TV issue and when you combine your HD TV with other cutting edge things like a Playstation 3, the difference becomes clear.

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