Entertaining Guests With Magician Show

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Hosting a live magician show as a part of your product launch is an excellent promotional tool. A magician show at your company stall in trade fairs can help you get good sales leads from potential clients. Here is how you go about it. First, finalize a magician who does trade magic shows and fit your budget. For this take reference of a magician suggested by friends.

Types Of Magic Shows

You can even search online for popular magicians in your area. In this case, it is better to check if he has membership of any professional association of magicians. Explain your requirements for the show and give him a brief about your company and its products. He should ideally script a show that is short and can get the attention of the audience and passers by. He must work with your sales team before and after the magician show.

A good magician will put across information about your company in a lively and entertaining manner so that people remember the company’s name and its products even after the show ends. Using magic is a sure shot way to generate sales leads for your company and drive traffic to your stall in a trade fair. It is a promotional tool where you can easily measure success by comparing the sales before and after the magician show.

You may have a live magician show on a large scale that runs for fifteen-minute intervals every hour. This show can get you a huge crowd and include the use of illusions that can include your company’s promotional item. You can opt for smaller shows that the magician performs outside the main stall using close-up magic. His show serves the purpose of directing interested clients towards your sales team for further action.

On the other hand, you can host a live magician show for corporate banquets or even private parties. The guests are sure to have a great time as the magicians entertain them with innovative tricks and disappearing acts. The magicians mingle among your guests and involve them in the trick using cards or coins, thus making the show interactive. This creates a carnival like atmosphere that appeals to both children and adults alike. Professional magicians will create spectacular shows that will leave a memorable impact on your esteemed guests.

A good magician show will have the entire gamut of drama, music and comedy scripted around a theme. If it’s a birthday party, it may revolve around the host, while for a children’s party the show will have a mix of fantasy and illusion that leaves them asking for more. For formal sit down dinners, you can have a mix of stand up comedy and magic. You can decide the length and the content of the show depending on your guest list and length of the function. Hence, selecting a live magician show can really light up your party or corporate launch and make it an unforgettable event.

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