Enjoying unlimited domestic calling only with KoolTel America

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Distances do not exist when a telephone or cell phone is there with you! But what if you can get to make calls right from your PC or laptop and that too at reduced prices? Such a facility is now being made available by KoolTel America, the premier internet phone service provider of United States.

With the help of kooltel you can sit and relax in your office or home and make unlimited domestic telephone calls from your PC or notebook at normal rates. You may ask that why you need to opt for kooltel phone when you can get similar internet phone services from other providers.

Well let’s have a look at the various features that you can enjoy with Kooltel:

- Make unlimited domestic calls by paying a monthly fee of only $17.76. You can easily afford such a low call rate and enjoy the freedom of calling to any domestic phone number
- Avail the 500 minute calling card per month
- Call anyone in the United States or Canada using your laptop or PC
- FindMe, FollowMe applications that let your callers easily locate you on all your phone numbers when you are not online.

- Unique Caller ID feature with Name
- 3 different call forwarding preferences when it is not possible for you to receive a call. Make use of a local phone number and forward all your calls to your cell phone, home phone, office phone or to any other phone
- VoiceMail to Email: You will receive a .wav file in your email inbox that contains all the voicemails left by your callers to your phone
- You are not required to discontinue your primary phone service
- No long-term agreement: With KoolTel America, you are not required you to sign any long-term agreement like other internet phone service providers. This means you are not bound by any limitations
- No Credit Card needed: Enjoy complete peace of mind with Kooltel as you are not required to submit any of your credit card details here

So where can you find so many features apart from kooltel-america? So all you need is to signup at their official website Kooltelamerica.com and become a member. The registration process is very easy and not at all time-consuming.

Special mention must be made about the customer service network of Kooltel who are always there to clarify all your doubts and queries if you have any.

What you need to use Kooltel Phone?

Kooltel Phone can be used by everyone and you need not be a computer geek to use its different features. To use Kooltel you need only the following things:

- A computer or laptop with internet connection
- A headset (headphone-cum-microphone setup) to listen to the voice calls and calling purposes
- A local phone number with which you can forward all your calls to your home phone, office phone, cell phone or other phone
- Kooltel phone subscription. Pay only $17.76/month and start enjoying calling anyone in US and Canada

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Kooltel and start calling!

Subscribe to KoolTel America and make unlimited domestic calling by paying a minimum fee every month. With Kooltel you can enjoy a host of other exciting features.

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