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Welcome to Lifestream Health, we have been involved in Natural Health for over 20 years with continuous research to support and develop vibrant health To do this, we use science, experience and the Ancient Biblical Principles for health and wellbeing. We also believe in the healing of the whole person as in the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, relationships and even financial health, all these have an enormous bearing on our body and mind.

Happy and healthy living is however a great blessing. But there are so many people around us who is getting into various types of diseases and are struck with poor health. Health is an important factor of our lives. Every dimension of our life is affected by poor health.

Eliminating Stress programs, Stress is accelerating towards being the no.1 cause of death and disease in the western world, we can show you how the good chemicals and bad chemicals work in your brain to make you well or ill, powerful information and life changing.

We are living in a stressful society that is literally making people sick and tired. Stress is one of the most disastrous problems that can easily run down your immune system, cause sleep problems such as insomnia or over-sleeping, cause gastrointestinal issues such as ulcers and much more. If you want to keep your stress-free and relaxed then it is recommended to add a health and fitness routine to your daily life in order to feel better and to reduce stress levels. Also to prevent stress from your life it is important to understand where the stress is coming from and how you can eliminate from your life. For that purpose there are so many eliminating stress programs available that can help you out to kick out stress from your life.

Ionized anti ageing water-Today, millions of people are affected by water that contains contaminants. This is because those chemicals which are added to our water to make it safe for humans are extremely harmful human life. Our bodies are 60% water and every process within our cells is dependent on water. Because we lose water through respiration, perspiration, urination and defecation we need to keep our bodies hydrated by replacing the water we lose. Also, water that contains multiple chemicals increases the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer as well as many other life threatening diseases. Therefore, Ionized anti ageing water has become so much important for healthy living.

Ormus marine minerals are recently discovered elements which are known for their mystical powers. They are known to have magical qualities like providing youth, greater concentration levels, reduced anxiety and stress and many more. Ormus Marine Minerals are known to be used by man since ancient times. In earlier times, it was believed that the cures of all the problems like aging, all types of diseases, lack of memory power, diminishing concentration power and reducing energy levels etc. lied in only one magical substance, that was bestowed from heaven to earth, which was having all the celestial powers combined into it.

Ormus is believed to be a compound present in its monatomic state, free from all adulterations and impurities, hence having all the magical qualities owing to its purity. It is quite different from general compounds found in the periodic table, making it unique and one of its kind.

Ormus compounds are supposed to be found at exquisite places on the earth like hot water springs, lava stones, ocean beds and many more. They are believed to be combined with some metal when present in such special geo-thermal conditions. Hence, they are named after the metals they are associated with e.g. Rhodium, Gold and Copper. May be its' the deficiency of these minerals in your body that makes you feel dull, lacking energy and youth. And maybe that's why you are never able to achieve your full potential as other more energetic people do.

Since the concentration levels of Ormus Minerals are dynamic in nature, having a regular supplement of them becomes vital. You must include plants and vegetables having high Ormus- content in your regular diet like Apricot, Aloe Vera, Almonds, Blue-Green Algae, Beetroot, Carrots, Coconut, Chocolates, Garlic, Green vegetables, Grapes, Honey, Mushrooms, Mustard, Spinach, Vanilla, Pine Bark, and other Natural Herbs etc. All these edibles may sound like the food of Superheroes, but as the research says, they are as essential for a normal body as for a superhero. Ormus minerals for energy supplements are gaining popularity in all parts of the world owing to their magical and instantaneous results.

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