Enjoy Russian programs on wintry days

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With winter icy grip takes hold, the people of America have stayed indoors in front of the fire place to warm up their bodies. Shutting indoors it is obvious that they would look for entertainment via television. And so to reduce the boredom and monotony, DirecTV, the leading Satellite TV provider, has come up with a plethora of channels, each stuffed with exclusive programs and content. Besides the American citizens, DirecTV has broadened their horizon thereby offering all the exclusive programs for international communities. Everyone knows that United States is the hub of multiple foreign denizens who have settled down in corner and nook of the country. For whatever reason they may have settled down in the foreign country but their hearts always cry out to glance at the exciting programs in original mother tongue. It is to be noted that multitudes of Russians have cluttered in the region and for them also DirecTV has dished out a variety of programs like sports, music, films, news articles, political events and what more. Can you ask for anything more?

If you crack the best of deals in Russian programming from DirecTV you will bring home few more special services and equipments as well. That is to say, DirecTV Receivers is one such exclusive device that enables you to record programs for several hours and then watch them according to one’s convenience and preference. Plus, DirecTV HD channels along with livelier images and stunning audio tracks bring home the ambience of a luxurious movie hall of the country. So make the most of television entertainment during winter season.
Thinking that the exclusive packs are expensive? You are wrong as you can catch them all at such cheap rates that even people of meager income can enjoy all the entertaining programs in Russian language. Specially speaking, Russian Direct, the exclusive bundle for Russian people, is available at $22. 99/month while another pack Russian DirectII is prized at $39.99 /month. You can get the third bundle, RussianDirect Plus at $31.99 every month. And also the a la carte channels are accessible at low price rate of $14.99 / month only.

What to know more about the above mentioned Russian packs? Let us have a close look at the.

• Russian Direct: You can enjoy five exclusive channels in Russian language. Avail C1RW, Channel 2140, that is prfect blend of programs like news , special documentaries, chat shows, movies, game shows and sports live from Russia. Another channel of this pack, Dom Kino, Channel 2142 is dedicated for airing exclusive movies round the clock. Be it old classic or latest Hollywood blockbusters or special programs on the makers of the movies and stuff are available at your platter. AtMuzika Pervogo, Channel 2143, you can watch in delight several entertainment programs like exclusive musical video programs, popular fashion parades especially for the younger Russian and Ukrainian people. Two other channels like Vremya: Retro Channel, Channel 2144 and TV Nanny, Channel 2145 also are available under this package.

• Under RussianDirect II you can avail all the exclusive channels of the RussianDIrect , plus few channels like TV Nanny, Channel 2145, RTR Planeta, Channel 2141, RTVi, Channel 2145 are incorporated in this exclusive package.

• From Russian Direct Plus you can bring home six channels of Russian entertainment like C1RW, Channel 2140, Dom Kino, Channel 2142, Muzika Pervogo, Channel 2143, Rossisya 24, Channel 2147, RTR Planeta, Channel 2141, RTVi, Channel 2145.

Apart from these you can get a la carte service like Channel 1 Russia (C1RW) and RTR Planeta for more enjoyment.

Take pleasure of exclusive television viewing with the Russian programs of satellite TV. A variety of DIRECTV channels on Russian language are available for you in the cart. For more information please visit: http://www.entertainmentetc.net/

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