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I came from a middle class family. I experienced being denied when I asked for some money from my mom even for just a piece of candy. At first I did not understand her. I was very disappointed.

Now that I have my own family, I understand why. Since then we are already experiencing market recession wherein we were tremendously hit by financial constraints that it had caused us. Up to this day, we are still experiencing a lot of negative impacts especially because we are dependent on our daily salaries as compared to those who have fixed income. This is the reason why I firmly decided to find another job and transfer to the other states of US where there are more opportunities of earning a great deal of living.

Being new and alone in a place where you know no body is very miserable. The feeling of loneliness and longing is killing you softly. In times of troubles, you don't have someone to talk to. Even from the simplest stomach ache to major problem in the office, you don't have somebody else to confide with. This is my first enemy that I need to fight in order for me to survive this place and condition.

I am glad that we are now living in world of high technology. With the available internet tools brought by the advancement in science and technology, I was able to express what I feel and think. I was able to check on my family and friends as well anytime and anywhere.

The birth of computers and internet lead me to chat or send emails with family and friends. The great news is that I could talk with them over the internet through my computer, landline or cell phone. This is certainly what I have been yearning for.

Before I could only make overseas calls once a month or every other month because it is very expensive to do so and spending too much is not in my vocabulary especially if I want to save and protect myself from market recession.

Right now, I could do both! I could save but at the same time I could also make overseas calls talk with my family and friends without much worry.

If you are in the same situation like mine, for sure, I'm not the only one experiencing this. Then it is time for you to explore the world of internet and experience unlimited overseas calls with your loved ones and friends. Kill your loneliness and longing now!

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