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With DISH Network ruling the television industry it is certain that you will bring home all the latest advancements in technology. Google TV is creating a big bang and it is DISH TV who has grabbed the opportunity of signing up this lucrative project. In fact DISH Network is the sole provider that offers a partnership with top notch Google TV. There is no doubt in the fact that DISH gurus go gaga with Google TV, the new avatar of the communication industry. You may wonder what this Google TV is and how the DISH Network subscribers can reap the benefits from it? Without going hyper about it, let us now focus our attention on this new service of Google TV on DISH Network.

To begin with, Google TV is such service that joins the TV set with internet connection. In this way with the support of set top device of Logitech Revue all the valued subscribers of DISH Network gain access to internet through exclusive High Definition television or Plasma TV set. Do you think this exclusive set top device is bit expensive? Although the market price of this set top device is as high as $299 but DISH Network subscribers can avail this machinery at cheaper rate of $179. Enjoy a special discount of $120 on Google TV service with DISH Network. As a mandatory thing you have to fix this Logitech Revue device with DISH Network DVR and for that you have to pay an additional amount of $4 every month.

So that Google TV works properly, as a DISH Network subscriber you have to keep in mind few vital things. To be specific you need to catch hold of few accessories and equipments. To begin with, you require HDTV along with a HDMI port that is easily available in the market. You can also ask for a free HDMI output on your DVR, which is easily compatible with DISH DVR equipments. Last but not the least you also have to set up a high speed internet connection. An ethernet cable connection or Wi-Fi will go well with Logitech set top device.

Are you looking for the benefit of getting Google TV on DISH? Without exaggerating the thing it can be said that of Google TV helps you to catch hold of all the content on the right at your home with a click of your TV remote. Avail the best of videos at various online video portals like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon VOD and many more. The downside currently comes from the big networks like NBC, ABC and Fox. They have not yet come on board with the Google TV platform, fearing that their advertising revenues will plummet if everyone decides to start watching TV through the internet rather than on the network. Although other providers in the market like cable alos have tried their hands on incorporating this facility, DISH Network is the top notch company that assimilate DISH DVR equipments into the network with Google. In the coming years, DISH Network also plans to bring in revolution in the television viewing to a great extent.

In nutshell DISH Network has been trendsetter of bringing in new technology for all its valued customers. As latest avatar, Google TV facilitates a DISH subscriber to explore the exclusive offers of internet and also get an advertising platform for enhancing your teleshopping spree to a wide extent.

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