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Satellite TV serves as a mode of entertainment at home. Endless varieties of programs are shown on the satellite TV channels round the clock and some people are just addicted to it. They canít just think of giving TV watching a miss and when there is no way out they feel their day have been wasted. Thanks to DISH Network, the leading satellite TV service provider in US, you can now watch recordings of your favorite shows anywhere. Yes, you can now carry DISH Network in your pocket in the form of a portable satellite video player.

Designed specially to store satellite TV shows, music, movies and various other digital data, the portable satellite video player is a gadget is an amazing gadget. The player is equipped with huge hard drive memory which offers you ample scope to store your favorite things. You can download movies, recordings of matches, music and several episodes of your favorite shows offered by the DISH Network channels on the player by attaching it with your DISH DVR where they are being stored through a 2.0 USB chord which is provided in the package. Apart from that, you can store video games offered by the DISH Interactive channel and from your computer, lots of images and video clips on the player. So unlike portable video players manufactured by many other electronic goods majors, the Pocket DISH actually serves as a media center. It is a gadget that serves multiple purposes. While travelling on train or flight or staying at places where there is no television you can refresh yourself with exciting shows from the DISH Network channels switching on the player. The player comes with a bright LCD screen that offers quite clear display. For better display you can attach the player with your laptop. The video player can also be attached to DISH HD DVR boxes which facilitate people in enjoying shows with superior quality picture and sound as offered by the DISH HD channels. Whatís even more exciting about this portable video player is that it is not at all necessary for one to be a DISH Network subscriber to avail this gadget. You can buy the player exclusively from a DISH Network shop or supplier.

EchoStar Communication, the parent company of DISH Network launched the portable video player first in the year 2005 and it captured the market within a record time span. Huge demand from subscribers and general people prompted the company to add variations to the product and as a result, the device is available in three models today; AV402E, AV500E and AV700E.

AV402E is the cheapest model. It comes with a 2.2 inch LCD screen and 20 GB memory. AV402E can play DISH Network digital programming for up to 20 hours at a stretch.

AV500E is an upgraded version and has got a better configuration. The gadget is equipped with a 4 inch LCD screen a storage capacity of 30GB.

AV700E is the top quality pocket DISH and it comes with a 7 inch LCD screen and 40GB data storage capacity. AV700E is available at a price of $ 400, which is quite reasonable if you consider the features. AV40E and AV500E come at around $150 and $300 respectively.

Now enjoy the essence of DISH Network entertaining with the pocket DISH. DISH Network now brings the unique portable satellite video player in exciting models and prices. Check out your local DISH Network Deals today.

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