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It can be quiet hard and uneasy to convince others to read the audio books, means to listen the audio books (practically). Although, when you do it, you are not doing anything different as compared to reading with your eyes. You are only substituting your eyes to ears in reading the audio books but it will give the same feelings as you get in the reading of a physical book. Moreover, audio books provide the great and convenient option in reading as comparison to physical books. You canít read the physical books while walking, travelling or being involved in many other activities but you can listen the audio books by doing all such activities.

Audio books are very helpful for the visually impaired person who canít read physical books without help of others. You can also do multi-tasks in reading audio books which is not possible in reading physical books. Anybody can do any simple tasks while listening the audio books. Thus, it gives you the freedom to enjoy the readings. You can get the following benefits in reading the audio books:

Instant Reading: In case of physical book, you need not to go to the library or buy it or if you buy or rent it online, it will take 5 to 10 days to deliver. Unlike physical book, you can read audio books instantly without waiting more. Moreover, you can get it instantly as there are many websites which give the facility to download them after making the payment online.

Portability: Audio books are available in the form of CDs, DVDs, MP3, WAVE along with many other formats which can be conveniently carried anywhere. As you do not have to read the audio books like physical book, you can peruse the books while working in office, home or doing any other works anywhere.

Affordability: There are numerous reputed websites which sell audio books online; some websites also provide audio books in the form of rental. Some audio book libraries provide the facility to download unlimited number of books for as less as $14. If you are looking for classic audio books online, you can get it free as most of the classic audio books are available free.

Availability of various Genres: As audio books have become much popular in a short period of time, anybody can find it as per their choice whether they like fantasy stories, suspense and thriller, romantic as well as the classics. People can get the audio books of various genres which print edition are already popular.

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