Enjoy Arabic Programs on DISH Network this winter

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Do you know that Arabic is the 5th most popularly spoken languages of the world? Although Arabic speaking mainly resides in Middle Eastern countries there are more than three hundred million people who speak Arabic. Even in United States, Arabic language is regarded as a language of strategic importance and also have given due importance in promoting this language amongst the people. In television industry also, the demand for watching programs in Arabic language has grown by leaps and bounds, especially the Arabic residents who are residing in every corner of the nation want to watch exclusive programs in their original mother tongue. And so DISH Network, the leading Satellite TV provider of United States with a huge customer base of more than fourteen million people, has offered exclusive Arabic programs at reasonable rates. Besides Arabic, you can also bring home best of Satellite TV deals with DISH Network and select your choicest international channels that are more than one hundred and seventy in number in twenty eight different languages. Be it DISH Latino program s, Chinese Great wall TV or many more language packages you can cherish them all. Can you ask for anything more?

When you bring home DISH network you can bring home additional services and offer. In case you are busy at office meeting clients and making plans for expanding business and are unable to catch the favorite stuff in your television. Do not worry, just set DISH HD DVR and go on recording programs for several hours. You can even replay the programming stuff and enjoy it by sitting in a comfortable corner of your living room.

What are the special DISH TV packages that are available for Arabic residents in United States? Throw a glance in the following packs:

Here you can take pleasure of viewing special programs in Arabic language. This pack offers multiple channels like ABU DHABI, AL ARABIYA, AL JAZEERA, AL JAZEERA SPORT, AL ZIKR, ART AMERICA, ART MOVIES, ART MUSIC , BBC ARABIC, DREAM 2 and each of these channels are stuffed with various types of programs. Be it mini serials, plays, shows, films, movies, sports you can watch them all at DISH Network. Plus 24X7 news features and all the latest movies and films of by gone era are available in your programming palette. You can also watch all the exclusive tournaments of Special Soccer Leagues, plus Arabic talk shows are special attractions. Special channels include DUBAI SPORTS, ESC-1, EURONEWS, FUTURE TV, HEKAYAT, MBC, MURR TV and few more.

Enjoy various types of programs like TV series, drama, old classics, exclusive tournament of Egyptian Soccer League and other entertainment stuff.

Arabic Enhanced Pack
AT this package you can get wide ranging programs of Arabic language as well as few superb DISH Network channels. Programs like plays, mini TV series, cartoon programs and family entertainment shows.

Arabic Music Pack
As the name suggests, you can take pleasure of special music channels in Arabic language. Avail programs like talk shows and all the exclusive Arab- American events from this bundle. ART TARAB, M Life, DANDANA TV and many more are some of the channels that are available in this package.

Arabic: Iqraa
You can watch all the exclusive program from Egypt round the clock. It is also the only religious channel in Arabic language that offers programs on topics like religion, society, economy. You can also watch all the special live shows, plays, special documentaries, educational programs and cultural events from this package.

ARABIC: AGHAPY TV and ARABIC: NOURSAT are two special packages that also dish out special programs for Arabic residents of America.

With DISH Network, you can enjoy wide ranging Arabic programming packages and snatch your choicest pack for your entertainment. Also you can get the service of DISH HD DVR along with special facilities like recording, replaying of programs etc.

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