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Just how effective are alternative power sources? Wind and solar power are only 2 of many green energy possibilities that we have available today. They promise to permit the making of extremely clean energy that not only helps to reduce global pollution but also save you cash.

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If this is true then why are most house owners around the globe still on the grid and power their houses and appliances using standard power? As the world becomes more polluted and populated, people are searching for methods to scale back on the quantity of pollution they make a contribution to the world . The clear answer is to use some type of green home power gizmo that allows you to cut back your monthly bill and cut down on pollution by making your house power. Solar and wind power seem to be the sensible solution, right? Wrong!

solar and wind power have been about for decades. Over the years they have evolved and become more effective and the price tag associated to setting them up has come down. But if you look out your window you can see that about no houses have any type of solar or wind energy devices in their home. True, you could see some hot water solar heaters but past this there's no clear sign that solar or wind power has been adopted by property owners on an enormous scale. What failed?

Both these green energy solutions really can make clean, green power. There is explanation that they work as we have solar water heaters and your house city might even have solar powered street lights and telephone booths. If they're proved to work then why haven't either of these 2 methods of green energy production been adopted on a wider scale beyond just lights and water heaters?

The problem lies in the sense that they just are not possible. They may be able to produce clean, green electricity but they do so with such a serious price tag that it's very difficult to justify the price. Solar power has extremely high setup costs and it might be decades prior to starting saving that money back courtesy of a cheaper monthly bill. This is partly why solar electricity has not actually spread beyond powering your hot water heater or street lights.

The sheer cost and number of solar energy panels needed to power a complete house, not to mention a town, is anything apart from cost-effective. Wind energy runs into similar issues. Wind power requires great amounts of space and there's the issue of birds being hit by the turbines. Wind power also offers very little in terms of how much electricity it can create.

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