Energy Efficient Data Centre Cooling

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For many years now, we have relied on energy but as people have become more aware of the effects of carbon emissions and the environment, we are a lot more conscious of preserving energy. However, energy is used 24 hours a day all over the world, for a huge number of uses. Rather than completely stopping the use of energy reliant machinery and equipment etc, people are encouraged to be more mindful of how much energy they use and also many products are made to be much more energy efficient.

One of the areas in which a lot of energy is used is data centre cooling. Data centres house computer servers which need to be kept at a low temperature because if they become too overheated they can malfunction. Data centres can be kept partially cool by data centre ventilation systems, however, this is not normally enough to keep data centre at the right temperature and server room cooling systems usually need to be installed. But IT cooling uses a lot of energy yet it is a necessary procedure. Because of this, environmentally friendly cooling using low energy cooling systems is becoming more popular.

As an alternative to air conditioning, evaporative cooling systems are very effective as well as being environmentally friendly. They work by taking in the hot air which is circulating in the room, and passing it through a system containing water, then as the air is pumped back into the room, the water evaporates, making the air lower in temperature. This is an efficient method of green cooling.

Not only is low energy cooling better for the environment, it is a better option for you also, as it will save you a huge amount in money. Because this type of low carbon cooling uses significantly less energy, you will be spending less money on energy bills which is obviously a great advantage to your business. Although you will initially have to pay out for the installation of an energy efficient data centre cooling system, in the long run you will save a lot of money.

Although it is necessary to keep server rooms cool, it is no longer necessary to use a huge amount of energy in doing so. By using a data centre cooling service which runs on a smaller amount of energy you can save yourself running costs as well as reduce the amount of carbon emissions from your data centre.

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