Energy Efficiency Grants

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Energy efficiency grants are heating grants funded by the Government to allow low income households to benefit from a warmer home and thus miss out on the harshness of winter. These energy efficiency grants are a God send to many a low income based family. There are of course, limitations, not everyone will be entitled to these grants, the best way to find out if you are eligible you can conduct a search on the internet. All information regarding these grants are widely available. The beauty with these energy efficiency grants is the fact that you can be rest assured the people coming to insulate, repair or restore these things in your home in order to make it warmer are highly reputed companies. As this is a Government run scheme, vigorous checks will have been made to ensure that these people are fully qualified and fully capable to install the necessary to ensure your home is well insulated and ready to take on the winter weather.

With winter vastly approaching, it's essential that do the required checks, have a look at your previous years heating bills, can you afford to pay the same amount for this year? In this economic climate can you face the financial hurdle ahead of you? Do you have the ready funds to pay another hefty bill? Look around your home, are there any signs of damp, do you feel any draughts around round the windows.

Changes have been made to the Government heating grants which mean even more households can now benefit. The changes to the Warm Front grants aim to help the most vulnerable households and will work towards making those homes more energy efficient in the long run.

The increase in grants is from £2,700 to £3,500 for gas central heating and £4,000 to £6,000 for households with oil systems and to qualify, residents must own their own home or live in privately rented property and be in receipt of benefits. Paul Dove, General Manager of Gavin Ward Limited said: "As we head towards summer, people might not be thinking about their central heating, but in light of the recent announcement from the Government we are urging people to get in touch now so that they can beat the winter rush." "Here at Gavin Ward Limited we are delighted with the Government's announcement. This decision will help to ensure that we are able to help even more people in the country to benefit from the scheme," continued Paul.Vish is an SEO copy writer;for more information about Energy efficiency grants ,visit

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