End wasting money on your mobile bills and opt for a SIM only

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The latest investigation has displayed that a lot of mobile phone users in the United kingdom are wasting up to 200 on their mobile phone bills. This is admittedly not hard to comprehend why as we are exposed to tons of advertising about the latest mobile handset and so aren't concentrating on what actually matters and this is finding the right tariffs and most suitable products offered by the network providers.

Do you know what category of tariff you should be selecting? There are three main types that include mobile phone contracts, SIM only contracts and pre-pay/pay as you go SIMs?

Basically this will depend on your personal finance situation but at the same time you do not want to Waste money. There is a growing trend for people to keep their current mobile phone and switch to contract SIM cards or a PAYG SIM. In most circumstances these offer better value.

Where a lot of customers waste money is by not selecting the right tariff. Much of the time we are compelled to purchase a pricey price plan that is 30 or more so we can get a flashy mobile at a subsidized cost or for free. This is most common with of iPhone deals where the cost of the mobile is marginally lowered by a more pricey monthly contract. With these types of offers you are less likely to acquire a great amount of minutes, text or internet surfing allowance.

Nowadays we have the long-term contracts that trap customers down for up to 2 yrs. This can be bad for a number of reasons in including that you are tied down to one network provider and you might not be able to take advantage of other better offers on other networks should they occur. You can of course give customer support a call to alter your plan. Another problem is that you may be stuck with the same phone for 2 years and won't be able to upgrade until the term of the contract is coming to its retirement.

If you aren't on the right package then change it immediately. There is no point delaying it. If you are consistently going over your allowances, look to move up a tariff, add in an extra bundle or even manage your usage better. For example, your talk time minutes have finished, try sending an SMS or email in place and vice verse.

In some situations you may be on a price plan that you don't use enough and never utilize the allowances that you receive to their potential.

Simply examining your mobile phone bills and analyzing your usage can help you take action to save money.
It will also help you to choose whether to go for a phone contract, a cheap sim only contract or pre-pay SIM.

If you are content with your mobile or perhaps even could do with a new phone and have the finance to buy one unlocked then it would be very advantageous to move to a SIM-only tariff. Not only do they deliver greater tariffs but also they are short-term contracts (typically 1 month to 365 days) that will give you even more flexibility. You could save as much as 250 in a year and successive years proceeding. Of course, if your usage is minimal and only sporadic then you could be more suited to a pre-pay, payg SIM which will give you greater flexibility over you expenditure without signing up to a contract. These offers can be good for special offers or goodies where you are rewarded for topping up.

There is absolutely no excuse for wasting money on you mobile phone bills and you cold easily be saving loads of money every year if you make some easy changes.

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