End of Nations: Achievable to End all RTS?

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If you’re a serious gamer like me, chances are you’re always on the look-out for the best and latest online games available out there. Yesterday, I was surfing the web, looking for games I can possibly purchase (or not) when I stumbled upon End of Nations, a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) from Trion Worlds, possibly one of the best game studios out there.

End of Nations gives its gamers the option whether to play alone or to go hand in hand with the other players. Add to that, gamers are also at liberty to choose their own environment. One environment permits the players to create their own, personalized commander character. This commander character is set to lead an army of tanks and weapons into various wars all over the planet, in order to fight the computer-generated antagonists. The other alternative environment, however, is set on a more complicated and competitive (definitely more dangerous) battlefield. It has a team-based multiplayer as part of a bigger “metagame” wherein two opposing parties compete against each other for power and world dominion.

While most of the game’s development remains shrouded in secrecy, Trion Worlds has revealed that it intends the game to be a continuous cycle, where one side ultimately wins after seizing enough territory. While potentially engaging, this scheme could take a few months to be played out, as territory switches from one side to the other. Each sector will show a unique map, with its own climate, promising diverse gameplay.

The fixed layout strategy permits gamers to familiarize themselves with the layout of each sector and formulate specific strategies for tackling that one map. Additionally, Trion Worlds is adding different-sized versions of maps to scale to different number of players. So it isn’t likely for one to run into scaling problems like having only four players play on a massive map, or having 15 players cram themselves inside a space intended for three.

And just like in any other game, where there is a winner, there is a loser. Winning factions, aside from their claimed territories, are entitled for some strengthening buffs, while the losing factions are appeased through “consolation” factors. In the end, after wars are fought, lands are seized, and winners are declared, the world map will reset and everything will be back to square one.

End of Nations' multiplayer matches is expected to appear like the conquest mode of games like the Battlefield series, in which they will feature numerous key points that can be captured by a player’s side by sending their army into the vicinity of each hotspot and staying put until a meter ticks down and the point flips over to your team's control. All sector maps contain victory points that earn faction points when captured, although several maps will also have separate points of interest that will provide extra bonuses in battle, such as airfields that give players air strike ability.

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