Emu Oil

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Many people are now becoming aware of the health benefits of emu oil. Did you know that emu oil is almost identical to the fatty acid makeup of your skin? How do you know you're getting the highest quality emu oil for your skin? There are 3 main criteria for choosing the best emu oil:

There are 3 main criteria for choosing the best emu oil:

1) Are you getting 100% pure, Fully-Refined emu oil?

2) Do you want emu oil from an organic farm - raised without antibiotics, steroids, and hormones? How do you know your emu oil is from an organic farm?

3) If you buy emu mixed into cosmetics, such as soaps and shampoos, how much actual emu oil are you getting in your products?

FAQ to Buying Emu Oils

Is there a difference between white emu oil and yellow emu oil? Is Australian emu oil better than American emu oil? Some people that sell Australian emu oil will try to convince you that Australian emu oil is a better product than American emu oil.

How much should you pay for Fully Refined emu oil? The cost of emu oil will vary with the amount you're buying. Can you get a money-back guarantee when buying emu oil? Some producers of emu oil may offer you a money back guarantee.

Most AEA-certified emu oil comes with a money-back guarantee. Should you only buy AEA-certified emu oil? You may not get this with non-certified emu oils.

Where can you get AEA-certified emu oil? Using emu oil is a wonderful, all-natural treatment for your skin. There are many documented studies on the healing powers of emu oil. The emu is a native bird of Australia.

Emu oil comes from the fats of the emu bird, specifically on the top layer of the bird's back. Emu oil also has 20 percent linoleic acid, an omega 6 type of fatty acid and linolenic acid, and omega 3 type of fatty acid.

Many emu oil products have been developed to take advantage of the unique properties of the emu oil. One will find a variety of emu oil products on the Internet. Skin Energizer is one of these popular sites that sell emu oil products that provide solutions to many skin problems.

Many people favor the use of emu oil products as they are highly penetrating and non-greasy. Skin diseases like psoriasis and other skin disorders like sunburn are easily soothed with the use of emu oil products.

Skin care products that are largely based on emu oil are effective in bringing back the moist in dry and cracked skin. At Skin Energizer, one will be offered many emu oil products that are effective solutions to many skin problems.

Aborigines have known for a Millenium about Emu oil. Best of all, emu oil skin care products contain powerful antioxidants, as well as a known skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent, helping to improve the condition of aging skin.

There have also been amazing strides with Emu oil in the treating of Diabetic skin. Emu oil has natural pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing capabilities. Emu oil helps soften and moisturize the skin completely, preventing such sores. Emu oil has anti-inflammatory capabilities as well.

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