Emma Watson As Hermione Granger In Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

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The latest upcoming movie of the Harry Potter series is about to unroll and hit the charts in July. There is a great deal of excitement about it as it is based on the sixth novel, which is titled to be the darkest novel of the series. David Yates is directing the movie and no changes has been made in the previous cast.

Emma Watson is playing a very important and significant character in the movie, Hermione Granger. Harry is the main character while Ron and Hermione are along with him since the first day at school and are almost there with him in every moment. Therefore, that makes Hermione quiet a significant part of the cast and story line.

Emma Watson started her career through the first movie of the Harry Potter series when she was just nine years old. She was born in Paris and always dreamed of becoming an actress, and has no doubt fulfilled her dream and roved her worth as a marvellous actress. She did two television serials as well, and was a great stage performer at her school too.

Since the movie made such a huge success at the box office worldwide, and won various awards, Emma was also nominated for five major awards. She won the young artist award. Everyone has appreciated, and acclaimed her superb performances throughout the movies of Harry Potter series.

Emma Watson is the perfect girl for this role as she blends into the character quiet well. Hermione plays the role of a bossy yet extremely studious girl at school. She is very caring at the same time and is always ready to help
Harry in difficult times. She is typical girl who is too busy with her books all the time and is an all-time favourite of teachers at school.

In the upcoming movie, she plans out a secret organisation under the name of Dumbledore’s army and trains her fellow students about the dark arts and fighting skills. She does so as times are of great tension in the wizardry world and the life of innocent students is in danger. She makes Harry the leader of the organisation and helps him manage his homework at the same time.

In the upcoming movie, love is in the air. Hermione falls for her best friend Ron Weasley and that is the spicy factor in the movie. Emma Watson has played the role really well as she flaunts her style and tries every trick to gain the attention of her best friend and make him understand her feelings for him.

At the same time, she is greatly worried for Harry and his precarious situation. Despite her teenage tensions and jealousy factors with Harry in the potions class. She continues to remain with him at his side and doesn’t leave a chance of rushing to his help. She and Ron are more protective of him after the great death of their headmaster Dumbledore. All the crazy fans of Emma are sure to have a great time watching this new movie of the series.

Don't miss Hermione Granger and all the other characters in the new Harry Potter film at your local cinema from 15th July 2009.

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