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Citizens are often seen frustrated with the ongoing political issues. There is no dearth to the situations where they feel their opinions/viewpoints can make a difference for them as well as for the society as a whole. Although the Constitution of the United States confers that the government is Of the people, By the people & For the people, and that it is completely accountable to its citizens, the same does not happen always. One has to contact the senators and the representatives to notify what is right and what is demanded.

Political Activist Network is the first online community that provides valuable tools for empowering the American Citizens to organize and collectively send messages to their United States Elected Officials as ‘One Voice’. The primary objective of this community is to demand transparency in the Government by way of communicating with those who represent the citizens of the country. No matter what the political viewpoint, this online network enables its amplification at the right sources, and thus helps individuals to make a positive difference through the use of a new “patent pending” virtual communication system to help organize people to become united in sending messages.

Citizens joining this network become members of a community that is committed to impacting legislation for all those who are concerned. They have a chance to let know the public officials that they are watched and are held accountable for their actions. The automated system allows members to select pre-written messages, compose letters and with a few clicks, print and send them to every official that represents them. The best part of this system is that each member becomes a part of a large network of like-minded people who are sending the same message.

Undoubtedly, effective communication plays a key role in bringing the desired changes. When it comes to defending citizens’ rights and promoting the national interests, online political activists play a crucial role in effectively communicating the will of the people to the legislators and thus bringing about various social, political, economic, or environmental changes.

Founded in 2009 by Tony V. Clarizio, through his experience with software development, had the vision for an automated communication system. He created the Political Activist Network website to be part of an online community with the purpose of uniting citizens to have a voice and take part in the legislative process.Please visit our site:

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