Elvis Presley biography: Elvis Presley Death

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If there is one person on the planet who hasn't heard something or other about the death of Elvis Presley, I would be inclined to ask what planet they came from.

It doesn't matter whether you were born well after The King died, or whether you were one of his biggest fans, standing and screaming in the front row. The fame that surrounds Elvis Presley is immense and has not and will not die down.

Part of that fame derives from The King's death itself. Although that sounds horrific, the way in which Elvis died and the many conspiracy theories that surround the death have lead to a massive interest in the brilliant singer that has transcended through generations.

Everyone has heard that The King died when in the bathroom and that he had been addicted to prescription drugs and his issues that he had with food all possibly contributed to his untimely death.

As the news spread around that Elvis was dead, thousands of his dedicated fans flocked to Elvis' home to pay their last respects. But more tragedy even followed The King's death.

As the mourners lined the street outside Graceland a car crashed into the sobbing fans and killed two women and seriously injured another. It seemed as though the tragedy just highlighted the loss that the world felt for the death of one of the greatest singers and the trail blazers that lead the way for many of the super stars of today.

The last ever photo taken of Elvis Presley was when he was in his open casket coffin. One of his cousins was paid a remarkable sum to take a photo of the legend in his coffin. Some may say that this was disrespectful, but once it appeared in the paper, it sold millions of copies.

The death of Elvis Presley is still big news today due to the fact that no one is really sure what he died of. By the time of his death, Elvis had ballooned and looked like a bloated and expanded version of his younger slim and sexy self.

Reportedly Elvis gorged himself on huge sub sandwiches packed with bacon, jam and peanut butter. It is sad that Elvis ate around 85,000 calories a day. Many people suggest that the pressure Elvis' body placed on his heart was too much of a strain.

Another possible contribution to his death was his relationship with prescribed drugs. Apparently Elvis had his first taste of uppers from those which he stole from his mother Gladys, and then later had a whole array from his doctor, feeling that if they were prescribed drugs, then he did not have an addiction.

Irregular heartbeats were also mentioned as to why he died. Many people obviously just see this as a cover story to protect the once great singer.

To learn more about the details around the case of Elvis Presley death, make sure to get your hands on a good Elvis Presley biography, sit down with a cup of your favourite beverage, and enjoy a great read about an amazing man and music icon, who will be "the King" forever in our hearts.

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