Elminate Under-Eye Circles with the Proper Concealer

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At some time in a woman's life we are plagued with dark under eye circles. The root cause of these circles can be attributed to a variety of reasons such as stress, lack of sleep, allergies, genetics, medications or thinning skin under the eye to name a few. However, whatever the reason, they are unsightly and adds unwanted age to your face.

Concealers are effective at hiding dark under-eye circles because they are opaque (they do not let light through). Normal make-up can not disguise under eye circles and is no match for a great concealer. Therefore, in order to select the right type of concealer, it is important to note your skin type and skin tone. Furthermore, it is important to determine what exactly you are trying to cover, i.e. bluish or purple circles, reddish discoloration, puffiness or trying to minimize wrinkles and imperfections. The answer to these questions will help you in selecting the perfect type of concealer.

Choosing the correct color for your skin tone - Select a concealer that matches your skin tone, however if you use a liquid foundation, chose a concealer that is one to two times lighter than your foundation.

Color - Generally, a yellow based concealer will downplay bluish to purple under eye circles. For those circles that are reddish in color, consider a mint or soft green. A green/mint color will neutralize redness. Finally if puffiness is a problem, a soft pink will minimize the appearance of puffiness and works for all skin tones.

Choosing the right concealer for your skin type - Oily skin should use a finely milled mineral concealer, as this will minimize oiliness. For those with delicate and thinning skin under the eye, consider an eye cream that is rich in emollients and vitamins. The vitamins will nourish the eye area and help strengthen the capillary walls so that dark circles and veins are less visible.

Application - If you use a liquid foundation, apply your concealer over the foundation. If using a cream or powder foundation use the concealer first followed by your powder. Application of an under eye concealer can vary from one product to the other. Some come equipped with brushes, others are in stick form and yet others in cream form. When using a concealer just apply three dots under the eye and gently blend. Apply a light layer of powder to set the concealer, however if you have dry skin skip this step.

Tip: if your concealer feels too thick or looks dry and cakey, just mix in a drop or two of your favorite eye cream. The eye cream will absorb into the skin and thin the concealer for an easier application.

While finding the right under-eye concealer may take trial and error they are indispensible if you suffer from dark under-eye circles. Concealers will brighten the eye area and give a more youthful appearance to your entire complexion.

Carol Belanger, author of 300+ Skin Care Recipes

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