Elite Housing of Nicolas Cage

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I think all of you are familiar with Nicolas Cage, the American top movie star. Judged by his capability and performing skills, he is absolutely an excellent performer. I am one of his fans. The roles deduced by Nicolas Cage could diverse, covering romance, action, science fiction, war and etc. Generally, he has got many awards in Oscar Ceremony. He is someone who can compete with Tom Cruise. The deep impression Nicolas leaves me is the terrorist in Face/Off. Though he performed to be a bad and dangerous guy disliked by many people, while I think lots of them are shock by his excellent performance inside. Theoretically, such kind of a person should be highly respected. However, several days ago I saw a piece of negative news about his tax evasion with total amount of 6.3 million US dollars, which is a shock and unbelievable thing for many people including me. Just one day later, Nicolas offered his elite housing of around 40million US dollars for sale at an auction. For Nicolas, it may be an unwilling thing to do but he have to. His behavior may make people doubt whether the current situation for him is tough or not. Anyhow, the pictures of his elite housing are actually a visional enjoyment for many people.

It is reported that the set of elite housing of Nicolas ever reached the high price of 35 million US dollars, and lowered to the bottom line of 9million US dollars. A decade ago, the movie king just spent 7million US dollars on the set of elite housing. At the auction on Sep.24th, its bidding price is 17.5 million US dollars. This set of elite housing was ever possessed by Tome Jones ad Dean Martin. Ten years ago, Nicolas bought it from them. Inside the housing, there are six bedrooms, one theater, one cellar and one library. The swimming pool and the kitchen in the open air ultimately deliver luxury. Below, let's indulge ourselves to enjoy every part of his elite housing.

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