Elf MakeUp Brings Beauty to Everyone

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The cosmetic producer Eyes Lips Face is incredibly popular among women of all ages. It has been led by the celebrity beauty expert Scott-Vincent Borba since its founding days in 2004.

the idea behind elf makeup

The unique combination of beauty and wellness in their makeup products makes e.l.f. so desirable. It is this holistic approach that sets elf makeup apart from the competition. ELF's goal is to help each woman to feel and look her personal best. The perfect blend of inner and outer self is the elf way of reaching that goal. What might sound a little esoteric at first is a very appealing concept at second glance. The improvement and accentuation of the individual is the principle of the elf products, not covering it up. To me that is the only way to reveal our individual and thus unique beauty.

It is wonderful that elf did not decide to cater to a premium target group only. Everyone should be able to benefit from these innovative premium products - that is the idea of ELF.

cosmetic brands by elf

The elf products are split into three cosmetic product lines and one line of bath and body products.

ELF's makeup brands

essential makeup by elf

The essential line of makeup and cosmetic products is a complete set products for every day. Complete makeup kits, tools, brushes as well as complete set of beauty and make up products are part of the essentials product line. What is almost unbelievable is that each single item costs one dollar, eyelashes cost three dollars and kits cost 5 dollars.

I am quite sure that you will not find a similar quality at a similar price.

the studio makeup line

BRinging out the best of the elf makeup philosophy I believe that the studio line even tops the value of the essentials products. Although these products say luxury and premium all over them, they still do not cost a lot. The company itself says it is the professional line of products suited for the makeup artist in you. Products as well as packaging really live up to that and do not fail to impress.

For instance the fantastic 4 color shimmer palette for the eye only costs 3 bucks. I am sold!

the mineral makeup line

Another line of makeup that is simply great. A more natural look and lighter feel have made mineral makeup very popular recently. The claim to enhance the individual beauty of every woman is best delivered by these products. In addition these products let the skin breathe and look healthier then other makeup products.

Look around for premium mineral makeup and you will quickly turn to these awesome products!

the bath and body product line by elf

As mentioned elf wants to let the inner beauty of every woman shine. How could that be achieved any better then with a line of bath and body products? The elf bath lotions, cleaners and moisturizers contain natural skin nourishing substances. Enjoy yourself and release your outer and inner beauty.

What I think about elf cosmetics:

You might have guessed that I do love elf. That mostly due to the consistently high quality of all products. Also, I prefer to stick with one brand for as many items as possible.

There is however one more thing I would like to stress: I do care a lot what it is that I put on my skin! Elf makeup is hypoallergenic, non-comodogenic, are free of animal derived products and are not tested on animals either!

I (Aileen Cowls) am a make up artist working for fashion shows and musicals but also for some customers in a beauty salon. Other than that I write about my makeup ideas and more and more often talk about how I fell in love with elf makeup.

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Aileen is a makeup professional working for fashion shows, musicals and beauty salons. She is always on top of the cosmetics market and loves to blog about it.

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