Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka.com Releases New Line of Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

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Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka.com Releases New Line of Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Ankaka has a new line of mobile phones geared especially toward Senior Citizens. Of course, anybody who desires a phone with larger keys and a simpler interface will also find them a joy to use. Big buttons and an easy to read LCD make operating these phones easier for someone with failing eyesight to operate the phone. Among the other features are a big emergency button to call/send a text message for help, as well as a person's voice telling you which numbers you pressed! Both the Mobile Companion and Old Faithful have these highly beneficial features.

As Lisa Zhou, Ankaka's PR representative, pointed out, "Young adults make use of their cell phones almost all the time; they make calls, send text messages, surf the internet and more. But what about Senior Citizens? They have different needs too."

The Elderly may find using such typically tiny gadgets a challenge due to problems with sight and hearing. That is why Ankaka's specialized line of phones provide a very good keypad. It is large and designed for easy SMS and the size makes dialing become an easy task. The buttons are also slightly raised and the labels are large.

These phones also have text-to-speech time information and key confirmation for those of us who are hard of hearing. Instead of hearing tones when you press keys, a pleasant female voice reads out the numbers you're dialing.

For those who sometimes find themselves in the dark, Ankaka's Old Faithful cell phone has an easy to use flashlight you can activate and deactivate with just one button on the front of the phone!

Most senior citizens are also not so tech savvy and so you might find it hard to choose a cellular phone that will suit them. Luckily Ankaka's new line of dedicated cell phones makes it much easier to find a phone suited for your older family members.

Ankaka's Mobile Companion phone has some truly stellar features- Pushing left on the menu button activates a flashlight and pushing right activates a UV light for checking to see if your money is real! Regarding the phone, Lisa added, "Your elderly loved ones will surely enjoy this handset and they will have no difficulty in using it."

But without question the most important feature of these phones is the SOS button. With one touch of the SOS key, the emergency, family member or any number of your choice is dialed AND sent an SMS message so help will never be far away.

Add to that other standard features such as being unlocked for use anywhere in the world, a 2.2 inch crystal clear QVGA screen, dual sim card support, a digital camera and up to a 2GB TF card and you have a high tech phone for any user, old or young!

To find out more information on Ankaka's line of phones for senior citizens please check out this link: http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-classic-fold-cell-phones_c10018

Lisa Zhou is the PR Manager of China electronics wholesaler ankaka.com, which offers latest China consumer electronics for global resellers.

Visit Ankaka.com to source Cell Phones to start your reselling business.

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