Electrolysis And Hair Removal- What You Need To Know?

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Electrolysis is a popular alternate hair removal method to laser removal. It has made many men and women happy all over the world for its perfect results. The process first came into being in 1869 by Charles Michel who was an ophthalmologist.

Electrolysis and hair removal are synonymous with each other. Electrolysis is one of the many hair removal processes that are out there. Millions of people all over the world have tried it and loved it. Hair removal methods are of two different types- temporary and permanent. The temporary methods remove hair for a temporary period of time. There are ways to stunt hair growth after the treatment. For instance, there are creams available which one can use to get their body hair or facial hair to grow at a much slower rate. This way, one can pull off the hairless look for a longer period of time after opting for a temporary hair removal process. However, permanent methods are just as the name suggests. Their effects are permanent. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are unsure of getting rid of your body or facial hair permanently, you can go for temporary methods whereas if you don't mind getting rid of your unwanted hair forever, you can go for the permanent ones.

Many people all over the world opt for electrolysis and hair removal for their grooming needs. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal process in which a needle is inserted into the hair follicle. The needle is used to disable the hair root by either using heat or chemically. Sometimes both heat and chemicals are used at the same time. In this method, each hair strand is treated individually. Though this method is known for creating a slight discomfort at times, it is known for producing amazing results. For this reason alone, electrolysis and hair removal have become synonymous with each other. Electrolysis is mainly used for removing female facial hair, although it is used for a variety of other purposes too. This method can be used to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

Though electrolysis and hair removal are very popular these days, the process of electrolysis has been around for a century. It was first found out by an ophthalmologist by the name of Charles Michel in 1869. He discovered this method after looking for a way to remove ingrown eyelashes which used to cause blindness. Ever since it came into being, it has been adopted by the medical community. Later, this method was used to remove unwanted hair from other parts of the body too. Over the years, several innovations took place which modernized the entire process and brought it into the 21st century. Though this method is known for creating great results, there might be some redness, swelling or even scarring. However, not everyone will have these side effects. Some go through the entire process without a single side effect. But cases of redness and swelling have come up from time to time. While undergoing this procedure, it is also important that you inform the electrologist about any discomfort you feel.

Electrolysis and Hair Removal should always be done at reputable clinics, especially when going for permanent methods. A well known clinic will be able to offer you a service which other clinics simply can't. Quality and experience can help you to get what you need in the most efficient and painless manner when it comes to hair removal procedures.

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