Electricity and Greenhouse Effect Relation

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Climate Change is during the earth warm up. It occurs during greenhouse gases hooked the heat and light from the sun in our atmosphere, which grows the temperature. This hurts various plants, animals and specially people. Several cannot acquire the adjustment so they will die.
Greenhouse Effect means?
The greenhouse effect is during the heat rises because the heat of the sun and its light is trapped in the atmosphere of the earth. This is the same during the carís heat is trapped. On a hot day, the car becomes hotter if it is out in the parking lot. The reason for this is the heat and light by the sun can get inside into the car, by going in the windows it canít get back out. This is how the greenhouse effect does on our planet. This is the same to the atmosphere of our planet, the heat and light gets in but it canít get out. The outcome for this is temperature increase. The same as the
car, the light and heat gets into the car but this is trapped inside. Normally the temperature can change in a way that helps us. The greenhouse effect generates the earth acceptable for people to live on. Without it, the earth would be frost, or a burning hot on

the other hand, if the sun is down during night time the result is we would be frost because we canít get the light of the sun and its warmness. And when the day comes, especially during summer time the suns heat will burn our environment because there is no atmosphere to
What is global warming doing to the environment?
Global warming is affecting many portion of the world. Global warming make the sea rise, and if the sea rises, the water spread many low land islands. This is a leading problem for many of the animals, plants and people. The water spread the plants and result some of them to deceased. When they deceased, the animals lay a sources of food, also with their area. Despite all of this situation animals can receive a better competence to accommodate to what arises than plants do, they may deceased also. When the animals and plants deceased, people lay two point of supply of food, animal food and plant food. They should also lay their homes. As the effect, they should also have to withdraw the area or deceased. This should be called a gap in the food chain, one thing arising that signify to more and so on. The seas are involve by global warming in extra method, as well. Various things that are arising to the ocean are associated to global warming. One thing that is arising is warm water,generated from global warming, these polluting and destroying the algae in the ocean.

What causes Climate Change?
Many things make Climate Change. One thing that make Climate Change is electrical pollution. Electricity make pollution in several methods, some awful than others. In most occurrences, fossil fuels are burned to produce electricity. Fossil fuels are produce of dead animals and plants. Some instances of fossil fuels are petroleum and oil. Several pollutants (water, air, land and chemicals) are transfer into the air when this fuels are ignite. A small of these are called the greenhouse gasses. We utilize these point of supply of energy much more than the point of supply that give
off small pollution. Petroleum, one of the point of supply of energy, is utilize a lot. It is utilize for transportation, producing electricity, and producing various other things. In-spite this point of supply of energy contributed lots of pollution, it is utilized for
38% of the United Statesí energy.
Few other examples of utilizing energy and polluting the air are: ∑
* Playing a video game.
* Using an air conditioner
* Heating a meal in the microwave
* Drying clothes Using a hair dryer
* Listening to a stereo Washing
* Turning on a light Watching T.V
In terms of electricity consumption, we want to assure that every used of this electricity has its own purpose. We avoid those any electricity waste, in order to achieve this electricity conservation. We have to monitor our electricity. Correct Power Usage means you contribute ways to lessen the Global Warming and Climate Change. Today, everyone uses this home energy monitor to decrease their electricity bill and at the same time lessen the greenhouse effect to our atmosphere. Human race must continue forever and we need your help. We canít do it alone, we must act now or this earth will turn into a beautiful lonely aberration.

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