Effortless Call Back Services

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The distance between you and your loved ones can be covered in a smarter way now. The call back services have take on an improved version with no complications. The economic calls are a big hit in today's world of sky high prices. In this tech savvy world, everything is possible with a single click! Just do a little bit and you will get much more at your doorstep! You just need to download callback software and you can start your callback service right away.

The new age call back software

We have made it possible to use advanced technology in a much easier way possible. When the end result is same, everyone looks forward to a well turned-out and cost-effective way. The traditional Calling Cards have been modified to a callback service. This efficient call back service overcomes problems like a long Pin number, higher call costs, need to memorize destination number, longer time to connect and complicated operating system.

The new, modified Callback Software is efficient enough to make a call back even via your phone book. The whole automation of your call back system allows you to have same experience like that of a GSM call. Once you install the dialler, there are various things you need to consider. Several features like callback routing option, auto start and access number must be saved in your settings.

Access number is the one special code provided by your service provider. The two options Enable and Disable in the ‘Auto start' feature lets you change the setting of an automatic start of call back service. Similarly, call back routing option allows you to either avail the service of callback on all calls or some selected ones! This way a smooth operation of call back service will be possible.

There are some other interesting features like phone book integration, call log information on screen, high sound quality and easy integration with existing callback infrastructure.

A brief outline of calling procedure

Before making a call, your number must be registered with the call back service provider. Type or select the destination number in your phone book and the ‘dial' button. When you select the call back option, a call is made to call back access number and is disconnected on an automatic basis. A call will further be dialled by your call back service provider and once your call connects you start talking to the one you wanted!

Try this simplified version of call back service and you surely would not regret taking this.

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