Effects Of Watching Excessive Television For Kids

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Saying that watching too much television may cause damaging effects to kids is an understatement. Television, after all, is the most popular form of media that even children who aren't literate yet can simply access.

The impact of viewingexcessive TV is all-encompassing. They affect a person's physical, emotional and psychological characteristics. Compared to adults, the outcome could be much more degrading for kids. Yes, children are very vulnerable and susceptible to all kinds of influences whether good or bad. Their innocence is palpably owing to their childhood stage. Allowing them to watch too much TV is a cruel way of prematurely taking the innocence away from them. It is just like nurturing them with pornography, drugs, and vices. In the end, as the child matures, he develops and acquires negative influences and anti-social tendencies.

Moreover, viewing excessive television distorts the kid's normal daily activities. He becomes less active and not as much productive. For kids, the impact of viewing excessive television is that it distorts the way of their playing and interacting, thus, restricts their social development. Also, the activities that should be prioritized like reading, doing homework and spending time with family are disregarded or taken for granted.

Lastly, the physical effects of watching unregulated television, among others, is connected to a kid's weight gain that may eventually result to obesity, development of poor eyesight and hearing, higher risks for heart attack, and diabetes.

One may argue that kids can also learn so many things from watching too much TV. Without a doubt, there are some educational and informative channels that children may actually learn from. The difficulty here lies with improper or lack of parental guidance. Should these variety of programs be the intent of the parents in allowing their kids to view television, it is strongly advised that the parents properly regulate the TV programs that the kids are allowed to watch and sternly implement agreement in watching time schedule.

The above discussion would necessitate that the parents: preview the television programs they let their kids view; watch television along with their children and talk with the latter some questions, thoughts and opinions regarding the program and at the same time apply some values and lessons; regulate their own television viewing schedule; find fun in alternative ways and activities to keep the children entertained, such as singing, dancing and doing homework together with them; and lastly, give their children regular chores to do.


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