Effective Ways to Clean Oven At Home

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A kitchen with clean and spotless appliances is a hygienic kitchen. Be it the top of your cooking gas, chimney or an oven, everything in the kitchen must look spic and span. Food spills leave many germs lurking in your kitchen, which are hazardous to health. You must not cook and eat in a germ-infested kitchen.

Have you cooked something in your oven lately? Make sure to clean it thoroughly, as the spills may harden with time, thus making oven cleaning an arduous task for you. Prevention is always better than cure. Try to wipe off the spills as soon as they occur. Spillage is the worst enemy of any cooking appliance, and oven is not an exception.

Cleaning ovens has been made easy with the introduction of self-cleaning ovens in the market. These ovens can be set in a self-cleaning mode. You just need to wipe out the residue with the help of a sponge. But if you don't have such a self-cleaning oven and there is an excess of spillage, you must deep clean your oven on your own. Though, you can avoid the situation of deep cleaning, as you can wipe the spill by sprinkling a layer of salt on the oven floor. But this will have an effect only if the spill is fresh. Given below are the steps that you must follow to clean the inside of an oven.

The cleanser that you will be using to clean the oven, can be harsh on your hands, so you must put your gloves before getting started with oven cleaning. Make sure to open the windows of the kitchen prior to use any cleanser, as these might spread harmful fumes. Apply the cleanser and leave the oven for not more than two hours. Scrub the surface of the oven gently, as the grime would come out easily.

Home made remedies for cleaning oven

If you do not want to use harsh cleaners to clean your oven, you may prepare a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to soften those tacky brown stains. A wallpaper scrapper is the best device to remove stains. The fizzing that occurs on the mixing of vinegar with baking soda, helps in cleaning the mess, more effectively than any of the cleaners available in the market.

The best way to have a clean oven is to avoid the spills while cooking. If you are using your oven very frequently, keep spraying baking soda on the spillage even between meals, but remember to wipe it off with a damp cloth. Who doesn't like to cook in a clean and sparkling oven?

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