Effective Ways of Water Treatment

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The importance of water treatment has soared largely nowadays as many hazardous diseases are causing only through water. Every year million of people die and fall sick from water borne diseases. The diseases such as cholera, typhoid, jaundice, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A and E are caused due to the harmful bacteria present in the water, which cannot be filtered through normal filtration. There are two types of pollutants, which can contaminate water, first one is bacteria, and the other is chemical. The traditional ways to get away from these types of contaminates are boiling, filtration, and using bleaching powder and chlorine tablets to treat water. These conventional ways neither purify the water effectively nor kill the bacteria. It does not even improve the taste and color of the water. In fact, adding chemical in the water to kill the bacteria spoil the taste of it and harmful toxin and chemical remain in the water, which can affect human body.
In recent years, many devices have been introduced to treat water, in those one device is Gas chlorinator. It is a cabinet vacuum operated device, which is designed for filtering water. It is integrated with filter, a vacuum regulator, flow meter, control valve for accurate flow, chlorine pressure gauge, injector, regulator, and non-return valve. This device efficiently cleans all the harmful bacteria, disinfects water, and improves the taste of water. To suit different applications, it is available in different models like wall mounting and floor mounting that are solution feed types systems.

Apart from this, there are varied water treatment devices, which are used in industries and households for cleaning water. These are reverse osmosis, water injection systems, sand filters, biological aerated filters, clarifier scraper bridges, and many more. The water treatment machines are used in various industries like food and beverages, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic. Generally, water treatment devices are divided into two groups. One is meant for improving the taste, smell, appearance and cleaning chemicals and minerals of the water, and another is for killing bacteria from water.
Keeping water away from getting contaminated is not easy, however, we can keep filtering it every time to make it fit for using. There are various reasons of water pollution such as mining, daily waste, pesticide, factory waste, global warming and nuclear waste. The water treatment devices filter the impurities, soften the hardness of the water, kill the bacteria and finally distill the water.

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