Effective Treatments of Bulimia Nervosa

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An individual who is suffering from bulimia nervosa can be a struggle for them. As you know, bulimia nervosa is kind of eating disorder wherein an individual suddenly binge into eating and will be followed by an impulsive onset of stress and efforts to avoid adding up weight.
Treating bulimia nervosa is not easy for individuals who have it. However, with constant support from friends and family, it can be treated with flying colors.

Now, it is very important that in bulimia nervosa treatment, you should first know the symptoms so as to fully determine if you have it or not. Consider these symptoms prior to treating bulimia nervosa.

- Being fixated in your body and weight
- Afraid to start eating and when to stop
- Feeling sick once you start eating
- You are extremely diet conscious
- Feeling depressed, guilty and humiliated after eating
- Use laxatives, controls your weight and other food inducing methods just to vomit the food
- Eating "secretly"
- Unable to control what you eat

These are just some of the symptoms that any individual can have.

Luckily in bulimia nervosa treatment, there are effective ways on how to make a person better. These treatments are:

Medications - Medicines such as anti depressants like Prozac can help cure bulimia nervosa. Keep in mind that these medicines are treatments for other psychotic disorders as well as for stress and anxiety. Just make sure to properly consult the doctor first prior to taking in these medicines because these are prescribed drugs and it is duly approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Cognitive therapy - Cognitive therapy or psychotherapy is another way in treating bulimia nervosa. This method is to talk to the patient and to recognize the problems that have been occurring. It is like counseling in a way that it helps lessen the burden for people who have the disorder.
Remember that the family of the person who has the disorder should also be involved. In this way, problems are resolved in case it is within the family. Also, be supportive and do not blame the person since the problem will not be treated at all.

Bring back your normal weight - It is important to start treating bulimia nervosa by bringing back your normal weight. Your nutritionist can help you with this because they will provide you the proper diet you can consume as you undergo the treatment. Be strict and implement the diet given to make the cure successful.

Rehabilitation - Hospital rehabilitation can be your last resort in bulimia nervosa treatment. The cure applies if the disorder is already serious and it poses health complications.

Although an in-house rehabilitation can be done, it is best to make the treatment in the hospital since doctors and health assistants can monitor everything. Medicines provided are also strictly monitored and given.

These are the ways in treating bulimia nervosa. Do not ever think that there is no way wherein the disorder can be cured. Emotional support should be given and let them feel that that can do it. Just believe and be cured.

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