Effective Home Remedies for Acne Scars

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Unlike mild outbreaks of spots, acne pimples and swellings can cause significant scarring, so it is important that you managed this condition very carefully, and take steps to treat acne early on to limit the damage to your skin.

Commercial treatments for acne scarring can be expensive, and some of the treatments available on prescription from the dermatologist or doctor can interact with other medication and cause some side effects. Therefore if you have mild to moderate symptoms of acne you may want to try some home remedies first, which are cheap, easily accessible and have no dangerous side effects.

Effective Home Remedies
• Sunscreen - UV and UVA light can impede the healing process of your skin and irritate acne, so it is important that you use a high factor sunscreen on effected areas every time your go out in the sun, and if you have acne on your face, wear a hat with a wide brim to help shade this area from direct sunlight.

• Wash Daily - wash your face before you go to bed at night with a gentle soap or cleanser to get rid of the days dirt and grime, but avoid over washing as this can cause dryness and irritation, and can trigger your skin to become more oily.

• Oatmeal Mask - oatmeal is a very gentle cleanser, and helps to draw dirt from blocked pores. Simply mix some finely ground oatmeal with some water (or a little fresh milk and honey) to form a paste, and apply to the affected area for 10 minutes. Rinse of with plenty of water and gently pat dry.

• Aloe Vera Gel - you can buy 99% aloe vera gel from health shops and chemist, and this is has an effective deep moisturiz4ing effect, and the natural bioactive ingredients can aid the healing of acne scars, and also calm down red, inflamed skin.

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