Effective Female Hair Replacement Is Now An Option For Women At The PHRC

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If asked, the majority of people would answer that thinning hair is a problem that impacts only older men. It's a common misconception about hair loss that isn't very accurate. Some might answer that it can also occur with younger men as most people know at least one younger man in his early 20s who has thinning hair, which clearly can be a blow to that person's self confidence. But what few people take into consideration is how many women also have to deal with hair loss or thinning hair. It simply isn't something that is associated with women but it's much more common than people realize.

While any man who is balding struggles with the condition because it can be embarrassing, it goes without saying at those struggles are even worse for a woman. Whether we like to admit it or not, the way a woman looks is a big part of her identity and something they take great pride in. For many women, their hair is an area that they put a lot of effort into making look a certain way and having that option taken away from them can be very frustrating. This is why female hair replacement is one of the areas we've focused on at the Physician's Hair Restoration Center.

By providing a medical hair restoration procedure that is effective for women we've been able to assist thousands with overcoming their issues with hair loss. In many instances, female hair loss is a hereditary problem but regardless of the cause of their hair loss, which can also include dermatological diseases, scarring inflammations and stress, the PHRC is able to assist them in getting back the look they had when they were younger. This comes as a great relief to these women who had come to believe they would go through the rest of their lives having to hide and conceal their thinning hair through ineffective measures.

The key to female hair replacement is achieving a natural look but also hair that can be styled naturally. Because we actually perform the hair transplantation using follicles from the patient's own head, the new hair is really their own hair. It looks real because it is. Any woman that is suffering from hair loss owes it to herself to at least schedule a free consultation with the Physician's Hair Restoration Center. By doing so, you can learn more about the process and see just how much of a difference the procedure can make in the way your hair looks.

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