Effective Communication Takeaways

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• Manage rumors by providing information early and regularly. The absence of factual information may lead employees to accept available rumors as truth. Some organizations have an online message board where staff can anonymously post anything they have heard. This allows them to correct any rumors as soon as possible.

• Be timely. Synchronize your external and internal messages. Nothing is worse to an employee’s morale than hearing about company news from other sources. If there are any changes in the company, your employees should hear it from you first.

• Get your managers involved in disseminating information. Employees prefer to communicate with their immediate manager, especially during times of uncertainty. Make sure your managers know what and how to communicate.work 300x225 Internal Communication Take Aways

• Internal polls and surveys can help you measure the effectiveness of your managers as communicators. You can conduct a short poll to see how well each employee understands key messages.

• Utilize screensavers as a communications channel to display motivational images, promote top performers, show visual representations of achievement versus target, etc.

• Get your managers blogging, and encourage staff to comment and ask questions. Blogs can make managers appear more human and more approachable.

• Set up secure helpdesks. This allows managers to meet online to plan, discuss strategies, and share ideas, which is particularly useful when they’re in different locations.

• Provide two-way communications channels. Invite your staff’s questions, comments, and suggestions. Welcome all kinds of feedback, including negative ones. For sensitive issues, meet face-to-face with the discontented employee and allow ample time for a Q&A.

• Use staff opinion polls to ask for feedback on specific issues. Polls are a great way of effectively keeping communications channels open even if they are not conducted in person.

• Staff quizzes can boost capacity and motivate your employees. Include some humorous options and give a prize incentive to everyone who completes the quiz.

• Online forums can provide a virtual meeting venue that allows staff to anonymously share their opinions, ideas, and even rants. This is a good platform for learning about what your employees really think.

• Place staff polls and surveys on your employees’ computer desktops to ensure maximum participation. Use these tools to invite staff to contribute efficiency and cost saving ideas. In many cases, staff suggestions can have a significant and positive impact on a business.

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