Effective advertising with “Lesezirkel Zeitspiegel”

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Since more than 60 years Lesezirkel Zeitspiegel offers its advertising partners a very interesting medium. Due to the various advertising possibilities which Lesezirkel Zeitspiegel offers, every customer can be offered individual concepts to a favourable price, that’s how flyers, catalogues, brochures and samples, which get handed out personally by the deliverer, get distributed.
Announcements get placed on the envelope of the Lesezirkel magazine, one page ahead of the cover.
Because Lesezirkel Zeitspiegel can be found at 95% of all hairdressers, 70% of doctors, as well as in gyms and restaurants, the adverts placed in the magazine have a very high advertising impact. But not only there the adverts in Lesezirkel get seen. 50% of the customers of Lesezirkel are private households. At households the magazines are available for one week and naturally that’s why the adverts get seen very often by the residents.

If advertising partners wish to address a certain target group for their products they even have the possibility to chose the right magazines for their adverts. The assortment of Lesezirkel contains 170 very different serials which offers the customers the chance to find the right magazine for their products.

Due to the fact that the principal of Lesezirkel bases on the concept of multiple renting of the magazines found in the assortment, a single advert on an average journal gets seen by at least 50 different readers. In Saarland alone more than 250000 readers per week use the Lesezirkel Zeitspiegel.

Thanks to the individual service of Lesezirkel every costumer is able to determine his target group within the group of subscribers. Customers can, for example, let their brochures or samples only get sent to doctors or hairdressers. That is possible because of the weekly personal contact the deliverer has to the subscribers of Lesezirkel Zeitspiegel.

The deliverer provides the subscriber with the ordered magazines and takes the read magazines back. Due to that concept the subscriber doesn’t need to leave the house for purchasing the magazine and spares the way to the next paper bank. The subscriber is glad about the new sample or catalogue and the adverts get the attention they deserve and don’t lay around unnoticed. Another very good effect is that the subscriber transfers the faith he or she has in the deliverer onto the advertised product.

That way Lesezirkel Zeitspiegel offers his subscribers and advertising partners a service that only few advertising media are able to offer.


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