Effect of global warming on monsoon in Kolkata!

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It’s the beginning of August and a time when streets, roads and lanes of Kolkata should be wet and muddy. Due to its geographical location, West Bengal receives heaviest rainfall of the year during July-September. Streets get waterlogged, traffic stands still and kids enjoy special ‘rainy day’ holidays often during this period in Kolkata. But this year, the situation has been quite different. People of Kolkata have not yet witnessed a heavy shower, which is quite unusual. Not only Kolkata, but the scene is almost in other parts of West Bengal as well. Lack of rainfall is not only affecting the weather condition of the state but is also making a negative impact on its agriculture. Lack of production of vegetables has already lead to huge price rise in the market and as per the opinion of the meteorological offices, this year the percentage of monsoon in entire India would be less by nine per cent compared to the previous years.

But the question is how did such a major change occur in the climatic conditions of the country? Well, according to scientists and weather experts it is just the outcome of global warming, that, we, common people are encouraging everyday through our uncontrolled lifestyles. It has been quite some time that global warming has been marked as a matter of major concern by scientists all over the world. Countless numbers of meetings, conferences and awareness campaigns have been held in all corners of the world to make people aware about the possible outcome of global warming, but we have neglected the issue. Level of air pollution has been rising continuously all over the world making a negative impact on the weather condition. Rise in global temperature has lead to melting of ice bergs in Antarctica and if necessary steps are not taken right now a major part of the world may get flooded in near future.

At present, global warming is the biggest threat to the universe. Today it is influencing the monsoon and if steps ate not taken right now it may create more menace. Yes, indeed sunny sky, soothing wind and shining streets look good but monsoon is a big necessity. Monsoon does not only play a major role in improving agricultural productivity and brings down the temperature level after the scorching summer days but also maintains the balance of climate. The sad part is, we the common people are slowly but steadily destroying that balance which is going to bring sufferings only for ourselves.

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