E-Commerce Web Design Tips

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When you are building your online business it's important that you get your website right. For some businesses you may wish to sell products online and to do this successfully you will need an ecommerce website that will attract visitors and keep them interested. It needs to be conversion friendly and easy to use or you will lose customers before their first sale.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your ecommerce website:

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience are the people who are most likely going to buy your products. You need to know who these people are so you can target your website and your products to them and base your website on what you think is going to be most appealing to them. What will trigger their buying decision? What kind of shopping behaviour will they have? What do they want to know about your product?

Keep The Navigation Simple

The last thing a shopper wants when they visit a site online is to get stuck clicking around looking for what it is they want. Make your website easy to navigate and understandable. Let them get from the landing page to the product page and then to the checkout easily. A search and advanced search could be very useful for some customers.

High Resolution, Clear Product Images

People will often see a picture before they will read any information on a page. If you have small, unclear pictures most people are not going to stay long on your site. High resolution product images should be used showing the products and all their goodness. The choice to zoom in on images of the product at different angles can also be very helpful for consumers.

Detailed and Engaging Product Information

When customers are looking for a product, they are going to want to know all the great things about an product. Don't go overboard with too much information or they will probably move on without reading but make sure you mention the important things and keep it engaging.

Product Videos

Product videos can be very useful in showing potential customers exactly how to use the product you are selling or to show the benefits of the product. Videos are the next best thing to touching or feeling a product. Keep them short, nobody wants to watch a ten minute video on a shirt you are trying to sell.

Keep The Shopping Cart Visible

Your shoppers should be able to see their cart at all times, no matter where they are on the website. Most sites will put this on the right hand top corner of the screen. Keep it simple, don't put it somewhere else, stick with what people are familiar with.

Front Page Featured Products

Sometimes people don't know exactly what they are looking for when they visit an e-commerce site. Having a featured products page will show them what is popular and will give them more ideas. They can see immediately what it is you sell. Customers who know exactly what they are looking for may even be tempted to purchase more if they see something they like in the featured product section of your home page.

Provide Customers With Clear Specials and Discounts

As a business you know specials and discounts can go a long way with customers and can result in further sales. So if you are offering specials on any of your products be sure to make this information clearly visible. Let people know on the home page so they are aware of the specials before they even start searching for the products that they want.

Ensure Your Business Contact Information is Easy to Locate

It's amazing what a difference having your contact information clearly visible can make. It makes your site more consumer friendly and lets them know you are available to answer their questions or respond to their requests. Customers will know that they can trust you and we all know people are more likely to buy from a store they trust. Offer details contact information and make sure it's easy to see on your website. If potential customers have to click through many pages of the site to get to a phone number or email address, they may give up before they get there.

These are just a few beginning points to get your ecommerce website started. There are plenty of other things that you should keep in mind when you are designing your site. And remember, every business is different. What works for one business may not work for yours, so don't just copy someone else. Keep it simple! Keep it original!

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